Friday, October 30, 2009

Dong University in Korea mistakenly Hires Weiner Professor, Blames Yale

So Dongguk University in Korea hired a professor, professor Weiner, who apparently lied about having a P.H.D. from Yale. Yale confirmed the PHD, even though it did not exist. Now the university is suing Yale. Fucking idiots. Here's the Link
Yeah I'm a doctor, Just ask Yale

Rasheed Wallace: "I never dressed up. Nah, we used to snatch bags from kids that did dress up."

Rasheed Wallace On Halloween

gg allin antics

he's at his brothers wedding.
whats this guy gonna do next?
cept for rot in littleton

note the half beard and complimentary make-up

Thursday, October 29, 2009


is this movie good?


rainbow bridge - big wave rider

been obsessed with this song lately, and the video is pretty great.
makes me wanna go to cali.

god news.

this asshole got fired from home depot for wearing a "One nation under God" button on his work apron for more than a year.

"I've worn it for well over a year and I support my country and God," Trevor Keezor said Tuesday. "I was just doing what I think every American should do, just love my country."

well, you're an asshole. clearly god shops at Kohl's or the local True Hardware.


Police: Man claimed God told him to steal car

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Police said a man who smashed a window at a car dealership claimed he was following a higher calling. Police said a 36-year-old man was collared by a security guard at Freedom Dodge before he could get inside the showroom. WLEX-TV reported the man told the guard that God wanted him to steal a Dodge Charger.

When police arrived, the suspect initially told them his name was "Seven."

The man faces charges including criminal mischief.


the new face of scientology

trust me, it's interesting.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Price to PepsiCo for Not Being in Court: $1.26 Billion

What's the cost of not showing up to court? For PepsiCo Inc., it's a $1.26 billion default judgment. A Wisconsin state court socked the company with the monster award in a case alleging that PepsiCo stole the idea to bottle and sell purified water from two Wisconsin men.

Now the company is scrambling to salvage the situation. The damages award was handed down on Sept. 30. PepsiCo filed motions to vacate the order and dismiss the claims on Oct. 13, saying it wasn't even aware of the lawsuit until Oct. 6.

read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and from the other end of the food chain.....rats!

rats can kill too.

night of 1000... cats?

scene from a hilarious 1972 b-movie. who knew kitties could be so deadly.

heres the trailer too:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

maybe i would care about baseball if there was more of this...

i'm positive that this song was echoing in bill buckner's head as the ball trickled through his legs...

Bob Dylan-"Abandoned Love"

The only known live recording of this very rare Dylan tune. Unfortunately no video...just a shitty slide show.

The Andy Rooney Game

Take an Andy Rooney video and edit it down so it consists of only his first and last sentences.

see catalog here

Spike Jonze short!

Accountability in the Obama Era?

According to the New York Times, not so much:

The Obama administration has clung for so long to the Bush administration’s expansive claims of national security and executive power that it is in danger of turning President George W. Bush’s cover-up of abuses committed in the name of fighting terrorism into President Barack Obama’s cover-up.

full article found here

Glitter and Doom

Tom Waits is releasing his first live album on November 24th. The album will be comprised of songs from his 'Glitter and Doom' tour and 9 of those tracks are available for free download...right now! So check it out now by clicking here and listen to the 60-year-old in all his glitter and doom.

my hero.

fraud the government!


Shrimp's eye points way to better DVDs

LONDON (Reuters) – The amazing eyes of a giant shrimp living on Australia's Great Barrier Reef could hold the key to developing a new type of super high-quality DVD player, British scientists said on Sunday.

Mantis shrimps, dubbed "thumb splitters" by divers because of their vicious claws, have the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom.

They can see in 12 primary colors, four times as many as humans, and can also detect different kinds of light polarization -- the direction of oscillation in light waves.

Now a team at the University of Bristol have shown how the shrimps do it, using remarkable light-sensitive cells that rotate the plane of polarization in light as it travels through the eye.

Manmade devices do a similar thing in DVD and CD players but they only work well for one color, while the shrimp's eye operates almost perfectly across the whole visible spectrum from near ultra-violet to infra-red.

Transferring the same multi-color ability into a DVD player would result in a machine capable of handling far more information than a conventional one.

"The mechanism we have found in this eye is unknown to human synthetic devices. It works much, much better than any attempts that we've made to construct a device," researcher Nicholas Roberts told Reuters.

He believes the "beautifully simple" eye system, comprising cell membranes rolled into tubes, could be mimicked in the lab using liquid crystals.

Details of the mantis shrimp research were published in the journal Nature Photonics.

Just why the mantis shrimp needs such a rarefied level of vision is unclear, although researchers suspect it is to do with food and sex.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Celtic "Great" sticks it to the devil

Pollard really sticks it to Cheryl miller. Great.

Best quote, "it's really heavy on my hand, so it reminds me that it's always there."

House does Ray Ray

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the new gods of schralptober

the west coast fix the metal shreddsled team was gracious enough to put on a free, unannounced demo for a bunch of ugly, dirty, drug obsessed teens at a nearby gardnerville, nevada skatepark. here, in a partyintellectuals exclusive, is the schralping that ensued:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Best Worst Movie Ever

I saw this at the Portsmouth Film Festival over the weekend. Fucking funny as hell documentary about Troll II, the acclaimed worst movie ever made. The entire cast gets tracked down and reunited. It rivals King of Kong. See it.

The Frankenhacker

It has come to light that Matty was part of a short hacker series made by his brother in Middle School called "Frankenhacker". Matty has the cast on his arm. Look up the entire series on Youtube.

hair gel wearin' preppy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hottest Chick Ever

I've never seen a girl this skinny. I love em like this... like putting a soft nail in a hard board. Why can't silly Jesus make them like this? Once again computer beats Jesus.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Charlie Davies Career Ender

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP)- U.S. national team forward Charlie Davies was injured in a one-car accident in which another person was killed early Tuesday in the Washington, D.C., area.

Davies was expected to undergo more than five hours of surgery. U.S. Soccer Federation spokesman Neil Buethe said Davies' injuries were not life-threatening but "possibly" career-threatening, but he added: "We don't know specifically what the surgery is for."

"Obviously, as a team we were saddened to learn this news," U.S. coach Bob Bradley said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family, as well as the other person in the car and the families of the others involved. ... We are relying on each other in a moment that has for sure hit us all hard."

U.S. Park Police Sgt. David Schlosser said the accident took place at about 3:15 a.m. Tuesday in the southbound lanes of the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Virginia. Schlosser identified the fatality as Ashley J. Roberta, 22, of Phoenix, Md.

Schlosser said there were three people in the car, and that Roberta was not the driver. Davies and the other person in the car were taken to Washington Hospital Center Medstar, one by land and one by helicopter. Schlosser did not say who was driving the car, and the cause of the accident remained under investigation.

The U.S. team was in Washington area to prepare for Wednesday night's World Cup qualifying game against Costa Rica.

The 23-year-old Davies has four goals in 17 international appearances. He started and played 78 minutes in the Americans' 3-2 victory over Honduras on Saturday that clinched a berth in their sixth straight World Cup. He made his first U.S. appearance on June 2, 2007, as a substitute against China.

Born in Manchester, N.H., Davies played for Boston College before turning pro in 2006. He was a member of last year's American Olympic team and currently plays for the French club Sochaux. Davies' parents were in route to Washington on Tuesday, USSF spokesman Michael Kammarman said.

The U.S. team had an optional breakfast at its hotel Tuesday, and officials were informed of the accident around 11 a.m., just as Davies' surgery was about to begin. Bradley gathered the players before lunch and informed them of the news. Davies' teammates were not made available for comment.

"Obviously, the players are saddened by the situation and, obviously, hope the surgery goes well for Charlie and that he has a quick recovery," Buethe said.

Balloon Boy Event is Biggest Hoax Since 2004 Election!

I just can't believe this wife swapped initiated bullshit made it to international news, and even got some neo-cons to stop bashing healthcare reform and president Obama.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

tahoe pics

tahoe is the frolf capital of the world. hack and i just played 18 on a hilly course overlooking the lake. pretty serious. if you click on this one you can see by hacksaws face just how much he wants this shot to go in.

spooked ya!

the japanese really know how to push the envelope...


Friday, October 16, 2009

drunkest drunk to ever drink a drank.

he's clearly drunk but i'm guessing there was a pill or two involved...

and on another note:

the reverse colbert "geoffrey" is trying to pull is beyond stale. you act as if we are all blind, loyal democrats marching to whatever obama tells us. fukk obama and fukk the government for all i care. the president is the head of the p.r. department in the u.s. government and obama was clearly a better representation of the u.s. than friggen old man mccain. that's why i voted for him. not because i thought his mantra of "change" was a reality.

you could have a rational discussion with anyone on this blog but you instead choose to spit out conservative cliches masked as liberal ideals. go write a letter to the "liberal elitists" over at the ny times or anonymously complain on the daily kos message boards. or better yet, instead of morphing into yet another fake persona in the chat box, reveal your actual identity and engage in a real argument.

p.s. i've said it before but i'm done wasting keystrokes on frightened phonies...

Heady dance instruction

Stumbled on to this gem well looking for a good hq version of "flashlight". Turns out this lady loves the song and has three "very creative" moves to teach us.

Try and count the number of times she says thrust.

"balloon boy": the true story.

the father has a bowl cut.

his sons, falcon and saucer, are clearly ashamed...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

boy wishes to be alien in CO

i always knew colorado was a bastion for weirdos and idiots (cept you kyle). A six-year old kid, today climbed inside a 20ft accross and 5ft high helium balloon made out of tin foil that he and his father built. the purspose of the balloon? not really sure i think the dad wants to be bill paxton and fly inside some tornado with it cause he's "an amateur scientinst" and participant in that show wife swap according to CNN and probably himself. the sad part of the story is that once the balloon gracefuly made its way to the ground, the kid was gone. no one knew what happened to him, till they looked in the attic, and there he was. hiding the whole time. he never even went in the thing. he claimed his dad yelled at him for trying to get in it. surprisingly they are already scheduled to apear on larry king live in thursday. guess the parents are gonna get another shot at fame among people who watch tv all day and enjoy larry king and wife swap.

if you want and are bored, the NY times has a time summary of the whole thing here.
or just read it here.

lawyer who challenged obamas citizenship fined for frivolous suit

from wsj law blog:
Last week, the LB filled you in on the fascinating Russian-accented, mascara-appointed dentist and lawyer who is one of the leaders in the movement to challenge President Obama’s citizenship.

As this Washington Post story explained, the woman, Orly Taitz, managed to royally tick off U.S. District Judge Clay D. Land, who issued a 43-page opinion, denouncing her efforts as frivolous litigation. The WaPo’s Liza Munday writes:

“Unlike in Alice in Wonderland, simply saying something is so does not make it so,” Land wrote scathingly in his order dismissing the action. Singling out Taitz for criticism, he accused her of using the legal system to further a political agenda.

Taitz, breathtakingly, reacted by accusing the judge of treason and comparing herself to Nelson Mandela. She fired off a response that suggested the judge was bowing to “political pressure” and “external control.” Land promptly issued another order requiring Taitz to tell him why he should not fine her $10,000 as a sanction for her misconduct. Today, a copy of that order lies on the floor of her car.

This week, Judge Land lowered the boom and $10,000 would have let her off easy. Instead, he doubled that amount “as a deterrent to prevent future misconduct and to protect the integrity of the court.” Taitz told the Fulton County Daily Report (no link available) that the order was an “absolute outrage.” Here’s the AP story.

Great quote about alice in wonderland

some guy claiming to be "geoffrey" is presumably "hoodwinked"

after long hours of busch consumption i've concluded "hoodwinked" or "H.W." (as he lazily began referring to himself in our comments section), is either

this guy...

or this guy..

i figured he might show his face after weeks of 'round the clock masturbation to his idol, "the hammer", tom delay following delay's withdrawl from dancing with the stars.

sign up for the armed forces already and put your money where your mouth is instead of needling a bunch of "soft progressives."

god bless america.

i miss the '90s.

greatest. scene. ever.

great film.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rushbo, ya blew it

apparently el rushbo's racist, hypocritical, conservative antics have finally caught up to him. the checketts group wants to buy the rams, one problem: rushbo wants to be involved. solution: he's gone. complaints from players and investors alike are making it clear that he's gonna get the boot for his dumbass remarks. ya blew bud.

read here

Cabbie vs. Cabbie

It all started as a simple "shut the f up" toss of the coffee cup, soon a melee between a pedi-cab driver and a cabbie ensued in the middle of a busy midtown intersection. Lucky enough some Fox News team was spreading some sort of propaganda and got the whole thing on tape, and [Spoiler] they break up the fight. Not the best fight Ive ever seen, but pretty hilarious. Id like to see a better use for a Fox News team. Enjoy.

PS. Look for the trash can toss at 2:33.

read full post here

travis the chimp: update.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – An attorney representing the owner of a chimpanzee that mauled and blinded a woman is calling the attack a work-related incident and said her family's case should be treated like a workers' compensation claim.

The strategy, if successful, would severely limit potential damages in the case and insulate the chimp owner from personal liability.

The 200-pound chimpanzee named Travis went berserk in February when his owner, Sandra Herold, asked her friend and employee Charla Nash to help lure him back into her house in Stamford. The animal ripped off Nash's hands, nose, lips and eyelids, and she remains in stable condition at the Cleveland Clinic.

Nash's family filed a $50 million lawsuit against Herold, saying she was negligent and reckless for lacking the ability to control "a wild animal with violent propensities."

But Herold's attorney, Robert Golger, says in recent court papers that Nash was working as an employee of Herold's tow truck company, Desire Me Motors, at the time of the attack. He argues that Travis was an integral part of the business, saying his picture was on the wrecker, he appeared at the garage daily and he attended numerous promotional events.

The house where the attack occurred is a business office of the company, Golger said. Nash fed Travis, cleaned his play area and purchased his supplies as an employee, Golger contends

The 14-year-old chimp was shot and killed by police when he tried to attack a police officer responding to the assault on Nash. Test results showed that Travis had the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his system at the time of the attack, but investigators don't know whether the drug played a role.


r.i.p. travis.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Screw Olympia Snow

The Senate Finance Committee voted on Tuesday to approve legislation that would reshape the American health care system and provide subsidies to help millions of people buy insurance, as Senator Olympia J. Snowe, Republican of Maine, joined all 13 Democrats on the panel in support of the landmark bill. The vote was 14 to 9, with all of the other Republicans opposed. Democrats, including President Obama, had courted Ms. Snowe’s vote, hoping that she would break with the Republican Party leadership and provide at least a veneer of bipartisanship to the bill, which Mr. Obama has declared his top domestic priority. Ms. Snowe was a main author of the bill but she had never committed to voting for it.

But shortly after 1 p.m., she announced that she was on board, in a speech that silenced the packed committee room and riveted colleagues on both sides of the dais. “Is this bill all that I would want?” Ms. Snowe asked. “Far from it. Is it all that it can be? No. But when history calls, history calls. And I happen to think that the consequences of inaction dictate the urgency of Congress to take every opportunity to demonstrate its capacity to solve the monumental issues of our time.”


I can't believe they watered down the health care bill just to get one meaningless vote from a Republican. No one sees this as a bipartisan bill, why not just push through some real health care reform? The country didn't give the democrats overwhelming majorities in the house and senate along with the white house so they could "work" with the same non-compromising hacks that had been previously running the show. Why can't we get more dems like this guy?

Time Travel/Wacky theories by brilliant scientists

According to this article, the worlds most powerful super collider is supposed to go back online after it broke down a year ago. This machine, the "Large Hadron Collider, is designed to simulate the conditions of the extremely early universe, like the first 1/1,000,00 of a second or whatever. Some skeptical scientists, however, believe that the particle they are attempting to create, the boson, is so messed up that it will distort time in a way that prevents its own creation. In other words the scientists have a theory that the machine will always get fucked before it can be used to create a boson.

If this is true, time travel exists. I guess.



drunk talk.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the woman who should've won obama's nobel prize.

SYDNEY – The oldest female athlete at the World Masters Games in Sydney has broken a world record in the shot put -- at the age of 100.

All eyes were on Ruth Frith, from Brisbane, as she arrived for day two of the World Masters Games, hoping to win gold in the shot put and feeling pretty confident as she was the only competitor in the over-100s category.

But her 4.07 metre (13 ft 4.2 in) throw on Sunday didn't just win her gold, but also broke a world record.

"As long as I didn't foul I was going to win it," Frith told Reuters Television.

The great-grandmother is also a keen hammer and javelin thrower and believes other pensioners should follow her example.

Frith trains five days a week, regularly lifting 35 kg (77 lb) weights. She doesn't drink or smoke and she doesn't eat vegetables either, claiming she hasn't liked them since she was young.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

did you just poop beer?

cliff pooped beer. jammer jammed it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ya blew it.

Police: Fla. man kills fiancee on eve of wedding

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. – A man who thought there was an intruder in his house shot and killed his fiancee the day before they were to be married, police said Friday.

"Right now everything points to a tragic accident," Police Chief Kevin Brunelle told The Associated Press, adding investigators were awaiting forensic results.

John Tabutt, 62, told investigators he got his gun when he thought he heard an intruder, then fired at a figure in the hallway, according to Brunelle. It was Tabutt's live-in fiancee, 62-year-old Nancy Dinsmore, who family members say he was going to marry Saturday. Tabutt told authorities he thought she was next to him in bed the whole time.

A message left for a phone number listed for the house was not returned.

Brunelle said no charges have been filed against Tabutt, adding the information he provided has been verified and he appeared "very distraught."

Friday, October 9, 2009

mr. magic

you make the call!!! pt. 93925453

long time celtic stalwart paul pierce or zany howard stern personality, YOU MAKE THE CALL!

and some classic beetlejuice antics:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Season Begins

First game of Celtics preseason was last night, incase people didn't know. I'm definitely excited.
Unfortunately we lost, but with no starters playing more than 17 mins, its hard to complain. Plus KG didn't get hurt, and he played well. Sheed had 3 blocks and 1 technical.

In Case you needed inspiration

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

thom yorke and his new band

I'm a little suprised this hasn't been posted yet. In fact, I just found out about this yesterday. But here it is, Thom Yorke and his new band, which consists of Flea as the bass player. (and no, radiohead is not breaking up.)

It's alright.

thank the lord for that peace maker

I can already see Skynyrd bringing down the house at the 2012 RNC with this.

The Media, Obesity, and Genetics Explained:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

creepy, splotchy, fat, disgusting, oxycontin addict, homophobe, jerk plans to buy the st. louis rams?

i would add the link to the story but all ya'll listen to el rushbo everyday anyway...

yeah i said ya'll? so what? you wanna fight about it?

shroud of turin.

"An archive negative image of the Shroud of Turin (L) is shown next to one recreated by an Italian scientist and released in Pavia October 5, 2009. An Italian scientist has reproduced the Shroud of Turin, a feat that he says proves definitively that the linen some Christians revere as Jesus Christ's burial cloth is a medieval fake."

no.. i didn't just see the ron howard interpretation of dan brown's lackluster but interesting novel... but i like history. even if it's fake...

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros


40 day dream:

thanx matty

if you don't know then you sleeeping foooool!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Spilt Milk

BRUSSELS — After months of complaints by European dairy farmers angry over low prices, protesters in Brussels on Monday poured milk onto the streets, hurled eggs and other missiles, and started fires that filled the air with black smoke. Police helicopters hovered overhead as hundreds of tractors — and some cattle — blockaded the area outside the European Union’s headquarters while agriculture ministers met in an emergency meeting. The gathering of ministers, convened after pressure from France, failed to produce any breakthroughs apart from a decision to set up an committee, which will deliver a report on the dairy industry in June.

Monday’s protest was the latest by farmers who last month dumped around three million liters of milk on fields in Belgium. “There’s a very serious crisis in the milk sector,” said the Swedish agriculture minister, Eskil Erlandsson, who headed Monday’s discussion. “We didn’t take any decisions today, but we identified areas where the future policy needs to concentrate on.” The protest organizers, the European Milk Board, said that more than 1,000 tractors and 5,000 people took part on behalf of “more than 80,000 dairy farmers”. The group says that milk prices are below 75 percent of production costs. Another European farm union organization, Copa-Cogeca, says that milk prices have plummeted 30 percent in a year and that dairy producers will lose up to 14 billion euros before the end of the year if nothing is done.


This is how you protest, hippies.

more g20 shenanigans.

these "non lethal" weapons scare the shit out of me...

Tea Partiers Advise G20

and the daily show hits it out of the park again..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

tweet tweet to prison

" NEW YORK — A self-described New York City anarchist has been accused of tweeting the location of police officers to protesters trying to evade them during the Group of 20 economic summit in Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Elliot Madison alleging he used Twitter to direct the movement of protesters and inform them about law enforcement actions at last month's summit.

The New York Post reported the arrest in Saturday editions.

Court papers filed by Madison's attorney say FBI agents executed a search warrant at the 41-year-old's Queens home on Thursday. They seized computers, political writings and anarchist literature.

Madison faces charges including hindering prosecution.

His attorney didn't immediately return a call requesting comment Saturday."


What's next...are they gonna start shutting down music blogs!?

oh wait...

A little after the fact, but oh well..