Friday, December 30, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

punk as fuck.

get pumped boys!!!!!

don't let this baby die.. come on now..

big party at paul el's new house in litch-zoo friday december 23rd.

toast house unite.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Albany Bulb

Sick east bay bum spot. Apparently the park was built on a landfill that was used to dump the refuse of the 1989 earthquake. Rebar and concrete everywhere as well as bum settlements with stray dogs and crazies chasing each other with tree branches. We also found a homemade concrete shanty castle spot made out of salvaged materials from the landfill.

Friday, November 18, 2011

getting stoned.

god damn did i get high to this album when it dropped in high school..

get me drunk and i blow it.

such a sucker for random lo-fi b/s when liquored up..

turf war.

another one of these bands but i friggen like em..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Uhh....Mike Tyson as Herman Cain, no need to say more.


"No conventional music videos were initially released from Kid A, but 30-seconds-long short films called "blips" were set to its music. The blips were shown between segments on MTV, occasionally as TV commercials for the album, and were distributed free from Radiohead's website. Each blip was made by one of two collectives: The Vapour Brothers or Shynola. Most blips were animated, often inspired by Stanley Donwood's album artwork, and have been seen as stories of nature reclaiming civilisation from uncontrollable biotechnology and consumerism."


vintage mike rheault, legendary new hampshire skateboarder killing it.

how did he not explode?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

expensive ass propaganda.

wow. the production values on this fucking bullshit are high. why are the rich creeps behind this vid even bothering?

the most edited verse in hip hop history.

atta boy juelz...

after hating cam and dipset for most of my life i'm suddenly loving them...

lord finesse and percee p.

no question, my two favorite emcees..

ag holds it down through the middle as well..

holy fuck.

saw this earlier tonight. go see this movie. it will fuck with your mind for days.

Pedro Almodóvar is a genius.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cake–Short Skirt Long Jacket

Maybe one of the best videos I've seen. Not sure why I hadn't seen it.

steven tyler.

this a-hole claims he's from new hampshire. damn right:

"The veteran rocker, who has spoken openly about his drug and alcohol problems in the past, told NBC's "Today" show that he blacked out in an Asuncion hotel shower because he was suffering "Montezuma's revenge" not because he had fallen off the wagon."

hopefully stevey tyler, formerly a member of the toxic twins, can someday end up back in sunnape new hampshire where he can get black-out drunk and snort thrice-cut cocaine without tmz breathing down his neck.

live free or die.

black awesomeness.

friend of mine, fellow a.c. on friggen "baseball wives". kid is hilarious. good stuff.

politickin' with rick perry in the granite state.

there is nobody, repeat nobody, more of a disgusting political whore than rick perry.

matt taibbi wrote an excellent article on perry's sluttiness.

are you kidding me? although i applaud his nihilistic, drunken tendencies i hope he stays the hell out of my blessed state.

and who the fuck is that a-hole who claims "in new hampshire we call that liquid gold (maple syrup)" nobody has ever said that.

beijing smog.

there are times when i think l.a. is bad...

the politickin' is heatin' up boys..

holy shit. this is a straight up highlights magazine back-page.

i play the clip, you tell me what's wrong here.. wow.

the comedy always heats up during election years..

remix schmee-miix.

not sure how i missed this but i like it. makes you think how their album could've been better if it was all remixes...

stupid idiot from growing pains fails miserably.

kirk cameron sucks. thank god alan thicke turned out alright..

early tairey greene.

the year is 1999.

how in the friggen jim lahey was that pretty much 13 years ago? for shits sake..

rich fucks trick or treating.

enjoy your diamond studded, over-cooked yams, in-laws hating, black friday induced chrimbus you slimy 1%..

ows sketches.

oh art.

bill bragg.

merry fucking chrimbus part 2.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Fucking Chrimbus



So many pictures of Spaghett playing the part.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Michael Moore Setting an Example - not Jamming Leftist Propaganda Down Your Throat

After hearing that Michael Moore was standing in with the Occupy Oakland movement today I stumbled upon his website and read his essay, "Life Among the 1%." He talks about how when he sold the distribution rights for his first movie, Roger & Me, he made a lump sum of 3 million dollars. Previously he had been collecting 98$ a week on unemployment and barely scraping by.

Here are the decisions he made about what to do with his riches:

1. I would first pay all my taxes. I told the guy who did my 1040 not to declare any deductions other than the mortgage and to pay the full federal, state and city tax rate. I proudly contributed nearly 1 million dollars for the privilege of being a citizen of this great country.

2. Of the remaining $2 million, I decided to divide it up the way I once heard the folksinger/activist Harry Chapin tell me how he lived: "One for me, one for the other guy." So I took half the money -- $1 million -- and established a foundation to give it all away.

3. The remaining million went like this: I paid off all my debts, paid off the debts of some friends and family members, bought my parents a new refrigerator, set up college funds for our nieces and nephews, helped rebuild a black church that had been burned down in Flint, gave out a thousand turkeys at Thanksgiving, bought filmmaking equipment to send to the Vietnamese (my own personal reparations for a country we had ravaged), annually bought 10,000 toys to give to Toys for Tots at Christmas, got myself a new American-made Honda, and took out a mortgage on an apartment above a Baby Gap in New York City.

4. What remained went into a simple, low-interest savings account. I made the decision that I would never buy a share of stock (I didn't understand the casino known as the New York Stock Exchange and I did not believe in investing in a system I did not agree with).

5. Finally, I believed the concept of making money off your money had created a greedy, lazy class who didn't produce any product, just misery and fear among the populace. They invented ways to buy out companies and then shut them down. They dreamed up schemes to play with people's pension funds as if it were their own money. They demanded companies keep posting record profits (which was accomplished by firing thousands and eliminating health benefits for those who remained). I made the decision that if I was going to earn a living, it would be done from my own sweat and ideas and creativity. I would produce something tangible, something others could own or be entertained by or learn from. My work would create employment for others, good employment with middle class wages and full health benefits.

I haven't been downtown to Occupy Oakland and to be honest haven't really engaged in any serious political thought since college. I didn't even vote in the last election. Everything seemed too far removed and too far gone and participating a waste of my time. The Occupy Wall Street and especially the Occupy Oakland topic is inescapable at this point. People seem to be pretty adamant about protesting until something gets done, whatever that may be. I seriously hope we are in the midst of some actual change, not the fake Obama change.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oaklands blowin up!

the choppers have been flying overhead non-stop since the riot squads finally put an end to occupy oakland.

and smokestack's and matty's new band big long now got a fresh demo tape. i took the liberty of making sure theyre on the youtubes:

big long now demo

Check out the couple of demo tracks we cut this weekend.

holy shit i miss new england.

"Hello Canine!"

local news in boston/new hampshire cannot be beat.


screw the lockout, scal is crushing it over in italy...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dead Meadow

Saw this band in SF a couple weeks ago... also had amazing live sound. Heavy-ass Orange rigs blasting stoned out riffage. Highly recommend seeing it live and pulling grass-tubes on the way there.


Saw these guys last Saturday at a 400 person club 7 blocks from my house. Fucking awesome, possibly the most incredible live sound I have ever heard. Ass-ripping rock n' roll outa some off the sickest riggage. Check em.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

callous americans.

i had never read about this photo before..

"Ten years on, this is becoming one of the iconic photographs of 9/11, yet its history is strange and tortuous. Hoepker, a senior figure in the renowned Magnum photographers' co-operative, chose not to publish it in 2001 and to exclude it from a book of Magnum pictures of that horribly unequalled day. Only in 2006, on the fifth anniversary of the attacks, did it appear in a book, and then it caused instant controversy. The critic and columnist Frank Rich wrote about it in the New York Times. He saw in this undeniably troubling picture an allegory of America's failure to learn any deep lessons from that tragic day, to change or reform as a nation: "The young people in Mr Hoepker's photo aren't necessarily callous. They're just American."

whole article here!

jammer's cousin.

sounds like a case of our un-snipped brethren gone mad. jimmy and matty should should thank their lucky stars that smelly flap of theirs stopped growing years ago..

kook flip.

i'm surprised our friends at fix the metal haven't commented on this yet..

laugh tracks are never wrong.

scott hall aka razor ramone.

i loved the nwo in middle school and this is effed. aside from the espn cheesiness this an interesting little doc..

dude's fucked..

gang green!

heard this on an indy phoenix station the other night, got stoked..

best band photo ever?

i remember hearing all this on a comp. stolen from my brother. the tape was blue...

i miss the north east...

Friday, October 7, 2011

dr. steve brule. friends.

sometimes greatness is just too ahead of its time..

let's not forget about steve's BODY PARTS.

we got that broll..

i'm way late on this one but i don't care..

stuck in my head..

not even sure if i really like adam and the ants but fuck me this song is good..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mallis' Video about Occupy Wall st.

This is the talk of the town here in NYC. Very interesting to see the conflicting opinions of my law school v. non law school friends.

Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall St.) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

killer nuns.

something seems oddly satanic about this..

stay stoned party intellectuals.

hacksaw is back boys and girls. expect some bigtime power-posts fueled by my blogging juice.

phoenix is effing hot, all the effing time.

Monday, October 3, 2011


The Bruins Foxwoods bar tab the night they got back from taking the stanley cup. Look towards the bottom and you'll see the $100,000 30 Liter bottle of champagn they bought to chug out of the cup. Imagine the havoc that was wrecked on the floor of the casino when the liquor started thinkin.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

See the movie Drive!

Saw the new Gosling movie Drive last night. It was unbelievable; the best movie i've seen since the first time i saw jurassic park when I was nine. Also an incredible soundtrack that includes this gem which brought me back to the days when smokestack and I used to blast "kim & jessie" out of the red rocket whilst be-sun-spectacled.

P.S. rappin rodney = best halloween idea ever

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rappin' Rodney

I should have prefaced my previous post with this one as the motivation for purchasing the boombox. I was gently petting myself on the couch pondering my upcoming halloween costume, and BAM!

Like a bolt of lightning Rodney jumped off the record hanging on my wall. I'd purchase the boombox, record the Rodney record onto a tape, dress appropriately, visit a tanning salon, chainsmoke, and Jam to Rodney all night long. Happy Fucking Halloween.

Oh, and by the way... Did you know this album won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album in 1983? The most well-deserved Grammy in history.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JVC RX-5050

Just made my maiden E-Bay purchase... I couldn't be happier.

Soon to be me Mattey-O and C-Rock jammin' on the stoop

King of the Rock 2012

Smitty and I went to watch the Oakland qualifier for this year's King of the Rock. The gameplay was ok overall but there was an epic dunk session by this one nasty motherfucker. Should be a shoe in to be winner of the dunk contest on the rock. I couldn't find any videos posted of the dunk contest, but hopefully some will be up soon. Here's a vid from last year's when Rondo ran it. If any'all on the west coast round the time it happens we should go. I c

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Grind

What the fuck happened to MTV?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Justice!

Hmmm... doesn't seem like the new album will be able to shake a fuzzy tip at Cross, but hopefully it brings some glimpse of the joy that was had jamming to Cross at the Toast House drunk as blood. Actually this song is kinda lame. Bummer, but oh well I wasn't really expecting them to even release another album.

Is the era of P.I. over? Is a make-over in order? Has Nick stopped drinking and trolling? Please tell me no.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

new-ish mc hammer, jay-z diss track.

hammer's main beef here is that hova sold his soul to the devil. hammer even argues the "roc" symbol is rooted in satanism. i like it..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Bull semen spill causes scare, closes highway

"NASHVILLE, Tenn (Reuters) - A spill of frozen bull semen bound for a breeder in the state of Texas triggered a scare on Tuesday that temporarily shut down a U.S. interstate highway during the morning rush hour.

The incident began when the driver of a Greyhound bus carrying the freight alerted the fire department he had lost a part of his load while negotiating the ramp on a highway near Nashville.

"We didn't know what it was, but we were told (the canisters) were non-toxic," said Maggie Lawrence, a fire department spokeswoman.

When firefighters arrived on the ramp, they saw "four small propane-sized canisters (that) began to emit a light vapor," Lawrence said.

In addition to the vapor, the canisters also let off an unpleasant odor and the ramp was closed while emergency personnel tried to determine what was in the containers.

The bus driver turned around to retrieve the canisters. Once emergency personnel learned the smoking canisters were nothing hazardous and that they simply contained frozen bull semen that had been stored on dry ice, Tennessee Department of Transportation and fire department workers cleared the ramp."

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Apparently these two idiots are the latest craze in Britain. Unfortunately, they're Irish. We thought Beiber was bad. Their name? A conjugation of thier names, Jed and Eward. Their Hit? An Ice-Ice Baby rehash with the Ice-man himself. The marketing mastermind behind that trick should be given a shit-medal. Thank god we fucked off mother Queen. I tried to upload a video but I'm at work and the Tubes are clogged from everyone around me actually doing work.

ziggy stardust and spiders from mars.

i never even knew this existed. a 1973 concert/doc film directed by none other than D.A. Pennebaker. the film chronicles the last time bowie would perform as his ziggy stardust alter ego. how in the hell was this almost 40 years ago?

vintage yellow submarine documentary.

hunter s. thompson.

when some apparent idiot submitted a satirical essay to Rolling Stone in 1969, this was the response he got:

singularity man.

frighteningly interesting bit from



sometimes the world just isn't ready..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scraper Bikes!

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Oakland Hyphy

bro rape!

"the phish farewell tour? that was like an all you can rape buffet.."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silly Perkins

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) -- Authorities have charged Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kendrick Perkins with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and public intoxication after an altercation early Saturday morning in South Texas.

A statement from police in Beaumont, Texas, said officers saw a large crowd outside The Ticket night club just after 2 a.m., and received complaints of fights and pepper spray inside.

An officer saw about 50 people inside around Perkins, who police said was attempting to fight the club's manager. The statement said the crowd pushed Perkins out the back door of the club, where he continued to yell obscenities and start other fights.

Perkins was arrested and taken to Jefferson County jail. According to KFDM-TV, which first reported the incident, he was released after posting $150 bond. The misdemeanor charges are punishable by fines.

Perkins' agent Thad Foucher declined to comment about his client's arrest.

Perkins was in the city about 90 minutes east of Houston hosting a camp that raises money for his foundation, which aims to help children learn life skills and drug awareness.

I love that last part about why he was in Houston.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brass Construction - Movin

Picked this up the other day based on the kick-ass outfits these guys were wearing on the cover. It's slowly climbing to the top of my rotation. Plan to Jam to this one very soon.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


god i'm lazy..

my favorite type of karaoke.

i have no idea what the song is but it doesn't matter..

this angry old asian guy really knows how to pluck my heartstrings..

holy shit.

this one's goin' out to jammer.

easily the most frightening video i've stumbled on in a while..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Magic Trip

If you've read the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test then you'll probably want to see this documentary. The guys who made it unearthed and edited down 40 hours of footage shot of the Ken Kesey lead bus trip on "Furthur" across America. The trailer doesn't really make it look too great but I think it's gunna be rad to see what Neal Cassidy, who always seemed a mystical character, was like in real life. Opens Friday.

From the Not-so-long-ago Vault

Look at these pathetic drunks. Stumbled upon these on my USB drive for work... rather indicative of my favorite Friday night activity and the shitstorm that was the blem.

mtv turns 30.

headbanger's ball, slayer:

120 minutes:

a long soundcheck but still epic..

i'm not even a big p.j. harvey fan but she murders 120 minutes..

the rentals - friends of p always remember this video for some reason...

more headbanger's ball:

black sabbath black sabbath:

still drunk..

chuggin whiskey with a few days off in a row yields drunken blog posts..

my favorite song in 7th grade.

it was on some compilation my brother had..

a scene from "1991 the year punk broke".

far and away the best sonic youth song.

excerpt is from a film titled "1991: the year punk broke".

i searched high and wide for the film but could not find a legit version to present to our humble readers.

all i can find is this epic opening sequence to the film..

nirvana vs. nardwuar

there are three parts. although nardwuar may appear annoying if you haven't heard of him, he's epic. his interviews are awesome..

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011


and just in case you forgot...

colbert roasts chevy.

for a brief moment comedy central was allowed to document the actual friar's club roasts. now they hold their own shitty roasts that aren't as funny..

dave attell is great:

"it's got a great beat and it always makes you hungry.."

bowie and bolan.

interesting version of "heroes" followed by bolan and bowie teaming up..

more 80's cock rock.

i'm sorry but i have heard this song on my commute home from work at least 5 times in the last week.

i'm god damn sick of n.p.r and this debt-ceiling b/s. and when the college stations ain't doin' it i'm stuck with "classic" rock.

once that chorus hits though... my fist is pumping, sitting at a dead stop, smoking cigarettes in shitty traffic..

coked out of his fucking mind!

not to mention he had recently killed his friend "razzle" via vehicular manslaughter...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Saints

Heard about this band in an old issue of Mojo. Australia 1976, pretty great punk before punk. So punk they dress like nerds, and think leathers and studded belts are for shitheads.

Maps & Atlases

Saw this band last night, they ripped it up. Complete shredders all of them. The drummer had Matty's crotch wet with baby batter. They're from Chicago, check em out if they come to a town near you.

Friday, July 29, 2011

we're fucked.

"Steve Jobs is now more liquid than Uncle Sam.

While it’s highly unlikely that President Barack Obama is looking to ask the founder and chief executive of Apple Inc. for a loan, it became a fact as of Thursday afternoon — the world’s largest technology company now has more cash on hand than the most powerful democracy on Earth has spending room.

As Republicans and Democrats continue to work towards a compromise to the country’s debt ceiling crisis, the U.S. Treasury Department said on Thursday that Washington now has a total operating balance of only US$73.768-billion.

Meanwhile, Apple currently boasts a cash reserve of US$75.876-billion, as of its most recent quarterly earnings report at the end of June.

Of course, the numbers aren’t directly comparable; the government’s number represents how much financial headroom it has before bumping up against an arbitrary debt ceiling, while Apple’s cash reserve represents the pile of money the Cupertino, California-based company has available on its balance sheet.

Still, the numbers show just how powerful Apple has become since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Earlier this week, shares of Apple began trading North of US$400 on the Nasdaq Stock Market for the first time in the company’s history.

Apple’s market capitalization currently stands at US$363.25-billion, making it the second largest company on the planet, after Exxon Mobil."


flash rob!

although i hate lazy teens i enjoy their motivated robbing.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twin Sister

Saw this band play last night with Demus and Mallis. They are awesome. Haven't seen a band that I enjoyed that much while sitting down in a while. Also they opened for a screening of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. What a show!

All Around and Away We Go from Twin Sister on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

toast house hall of fame

i hearby nominate mikel staggnoanne:

it's a small world. nice.

space mountain. im always a sucker for the action shots. right at the most exciting part.

maybe after a couple laps of space mountain. nice hustle out there kid.

amazing! recent shots from his trip to disney land (wtf?). I have to admit, i feel a bit douchey bloggin pics i found on the faceborg. but PI seems to need a quick pick me up after a lil inactivitivity. for the blog. for your health!

Friday, July 15, 2011

found records.

found this album for full price at amoeba:

and i found this little doozy for 50 cents at a thrift store in downtown culver:

thank me later for mr. kemp...

brand new tyler the creator and pusha t:

screw tyler, pusha t's first verse is the best part of this track..

this holy ghost track is a bit of old news but hot damn, a solid $3 12 inch:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

private demo

the day before I left Santa Cruz last weekend I went hunting with a friend for a pool we had been hearing talk about. After searching the backroads and woods for a while we finally stumbled upon the above pictured pool. We had the place to ourselves for about an hour and got to know the steep ass trannys and got a few lines over the light where it says "live free or die." Then just as we were getting to leave a couple of guys rolled up the hill and one of 'em looked awfully familiar. When he introduced himself as 'Rick', it dawned on me I was shaking hands with skate legend Rick McCrank. About 5 minutes later a whole bunch of dudes emerged from the trail. It was the whole Es Shoes skateboard team including John Rattray, Ben Raemers, Rodrigo TX, Kellen James, and Bobby Worrest. My friend and I took a seat and watched the shredding ensue. Never have I been so bummed I didn't have my camera. The picture above is from the session and is stolen from the Es twitter.

you make the call pt venticuatro!

worlds most dedicated fan? or a man who's going to get his knees bashed in due to gambling debts? as always.. YOU MAKE THE CALL!!!

according to the youtube comments section (which rivals wikipedia in its reliablility), this video "is the reaction of a River Plate fan (one of the best soccer teams in south america) to being relegated for the first time in their history to the second division of argentina's soccer."

I think we were all just as animated during each game of the celtics/heat series. I know I was.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

freedom rules

had a great 4th of july weekend up in mammoth lakes with some of the PI crew. here's some pics from a roll i had developed. ill upload them to my flickr at some point tomorrow if anyone wants high resolution copies of them.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Something great about basketball players preaching abstinence

also the rap is decent at the end. Go A.C. Green.

AC green's greatest moment as a laker, missing a pass from magic, then lucky enough to draw the foul

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

trailer park supervisor jim lahey quote of the day.

"i'd rather be drunk than a sexy loser."


michael bay is a bigger piece of shit than we orginally thought.


i'm still pissed that my favorite childhood cartoon landed in the hands that armageddon shithead..

usa! usa!

i'm still reeling from chugging all that freedom juice over the 4th of july weekend.

but that doesn't mean i'm going to stop celebrating freedom..