Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Friday, February 17, 2012

anatomy of bud ice.

delicious, sleek and cold when purchased:

how cool i feel when drinking said beer:

the ultimate outcome:

dui checkpoints are craze yo.

i love this silent hero because he's right. how is a random dui checkpoint different than a cop stopping you on a razor scooter and asking if you've snorted meth lately?

even though statistics show that razor scootering and crystal meth use are at an all time high, it's still against our freedom lovin', ricky santorum rights...

the real issue with this strategy is that any true drunkard could never keep his mouth shut for that long. a true boozebag would start yammering about how he had "like two beers" and then immediately get angry and lippy followed by prompt macing.

ah well, at least there's hope yet..


i know, i know, but for some reason i've been reading a lot of shakespeare..

hamlet really got me moving.. this is from the First Quarto or the first edition published of hamlet, probably in the 1600s. odd how much i hated shakespeare in highschool..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

old news.

as a lifelong celtics living in los angeles i'm so torn. perk's pain is about as real as a heart attack yet i love lob angeles...

i guess i'll have to get drunker than hell when the celts come to town to come to my senses..

three funniest simpsons clips to date.

mr. snrub:

sunshine and lolipops:

hans moleman:

honerable mention:


ill footy!!

my boy stevey chavosky, who i have worked with on my last two shows and blueprint pro marty murawski killing it! kids in phoenix a.k.a. bird city destroy it..

hacksaw gettin' screen time..

shot this the last week. it's fairly funny. i even have a speaking part. i'm the fatso behind the camera..