Saturday, May 29, 2010

Delonte's Still Got It

PI readers should be familiar with Delonte's way with women, so it should come as no surprise that he was the architect behind Lebron's collapse. I always knew you were a true Celtic, Delonte.


One of JSB’s inside sports sources confirmed that Delonte West did in fact have an affair with LeBron James’ mother, Gloria James. The confirmation comes from a source who broke the C.C. Sabathia trade in 2008 on Juiced Sports Blog. Apparently, many of the Cavs were going out to party in Boston. James came back drunk and found his mother and West together in West’s room when he opened the door. With that said, I was also told that James will stay with the Cavs if he can be guaranteed full control of the team. If not, a sign-and-trade is possible.

UPDATE: NBA Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy has also confirmed the affair, Murphy doing so on ESPN Radio.


Dennis Hopper R.I.P.

no reason why...

nine-teen haighty shix? i was like 1 and a half...

from the vault.

you know cliff and i destroyed..

Friday, May 28, 2010

very interesting piece about m.i.a.

read it here!

from what i understand, maya is a bit peturbed about the piece.

but, from what little knowledge i have, the piece seems accurate...

worth a read..

holy sheeit.

danny way's part from plan b's 'questionable' video. circa '92. blew my mind.

the handrail at the end is just retarded..

rick carroll also skates to "ned's atomic dustbin" if anyone gives a fuck...

i saw it here! this guy just streams skate videos 25/7. pretty dope...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

this is dope.

stole this from the loss prevention

reminded me of an artsier version of the blem shitter...

what the internet was invented for...

babies smoking cigarettes...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

damn, dirty teens.

you thought the kids who listened to lincoln park or disturbed in high school were bad...

what a pile of douche..

Comedian Not Laughing Over Columbia Graduate’s Speech

The congratulations offered by the comedian Patton Oswalt to Brian Corman, the Columbia University 2010 School of General Studies valedictorian, in a Twitter message on Tuesday were hardly heartfelt: the online video linked to in that tweet showed that Mr. Corman had appropriated material from Mr. Oswalt’s standup routine in his valedictory speech, drawing an apology from the student and an admission by the university that it was “deeply distressed” by the incident.

On his Twitter account Mr. Oswalt, the “King of Queens” and “Ratatouille” star, wrote: “Congrats to Columbia University valedictorian Brian Corman! Great speech.” The tweet included a link to a YouTube video of Mr. Corman’s speech, given May 16 at the Class Day ceremony for the university’s School of General Studies.

In the speech, Mr. Corman, a political science major, shared a story that seemed to come from his firsthand experience about attending a “Physics for Poets” class and a student who challenged a “Star Trek”-theme question on an exam.

Mr. Oswalt has told a similar anecdote in his standup comedy. The Web site posted video of Mr. Oswalt performing his “Physics for Poets” routine in 2006.

read the whole story here!

here is the dirty plagerizer.

here is oswalt's actual bit..

this jerk gives poly-sci majors everywhere a bad name..

Some smart guys were scared about facebook and created this really fun website to illustrate how easy it is to search for people's thoughts. I'm not bothered much and find their site to be more amusing than scary.

Like a search for "Juggalo's" provides an up to the minute search of what those overweight, mis-understood juggalo's are thinking...

Or, if you want to remember just how sad our country is, search "Faggots"...

There's also a movie coming out about facebook founder mark zuckerberg directed by none other than david fincher entitled, "The Social Network."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This ain't no gomer pyle

Because this is all that me, matty, and chris listen to.

Let's hope this isn't what does me in

“South Korea broadcast a pop song extolling freedom of choice and a warning on the dangers of overeating into North Korea, ending a six-year moratorium on propaganda in retaliation for the sinking of a warship… The propaganda broadcast made on FM radio began at 6 p.m. local time yesterday when a woman anchor announced what she called the “voice of freedom.” North Korean listeners were regaled with a song by a South Korean girl band, Four Minute. In the tune, “Huh,” the band sings: “When I say I want to appear on TV, when I say I want to become prettier, everybody says I can’t do it. Baby, you’re kidding me? I do as I please…”
Yup, that's the best deterrent that Lee Myeong Bak and Hillary could come up with. Kim Jong has already pledged to destroy the speakers with artillery shells. And with China dragging its feet, it looks like I'll have to rely on the 4mintue girls to hold off the mobilizing NK army (and its dirty bombs and nukes) for a little while, at least until the South Korean elections take place on the 2nd, and some of this stupid saber-rattling can be taken down a level.

The western media also seems to be sleeping on the fact that Kim Jong Il is apparently started to hand over power to his mysterious and youngest son, who, by some accounts, doesn't have the full backing of the military or leading officials in the party. Overall I'm really not too bothered by it all, but the fact that there could be a power vacuum, in an already very fragile and belligerent state, makes the whole mess a bit more concerning. Plus the value of my bank account had dropped by about 12% in the past week.

At least I still have the celts.


Some tidbits from the NYT
Relations between North and South Korea, already strained over the sinking of a South Korean warship, deteriorated to their worst point in many years on Tuesday as the South Korean president redesignated the North as its archenemy, and the North retaliated by severing its few remaining ties with the South. The moves heightened concerns about where the acrimony on the Korean Peninsula was heading. North Korea’s state news agency said the North would cut off all communications between the countries, including a Red Cross contact at the border, as long as the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, was in office. The North also said it was expelling all South Korean officials, but not workers, from a joint industrial park at the North Korean town of Kaesong.

The North also banned South Korean ships and airplanes from using its territorial waters and airspace. On Tuesday, the South’s two main airlines, Korean Air and Asiana, began rerouting passenger jets to avoid North Korean airspace. On Monday, South Korea cut off trade with North Korea, denied North Korean merchant ships use of its sea lanes and called on the United Nations to censure the North for what it called the deliberate sinking of one of its warships by a North Korean torpedo. Forty-six sailors were killed in the March 26 sinking.

Tensions between the Koreas escalated after the sinking of the vessel and after Mr. Lee’s pledges to make North Korea “pay a price.” The two countries have technically remained at war for more than 50 years. A 1953 armistice ended three years of fighting in the Korean War, but no peace treaty has ever been signed, and the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas is among the world’s most heavily armed borders.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, whose government has threatened an “all-out war” against any sanctions, has ordered his military and reserve forces to be ready for war, said an organization of North Korean defectors on Tuesday. Last Thursday, when the South formally accused the North of torpedoing its ship, a senior North Korean general relayed Mr. Kim’s order through a broadcast to intercoms fitted at most North Korean homes, said North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, a Web site based in Seoul and run by North Korean defectors.

The news caused the main stock index in Seoul to drop more than 3 percent in early trading. The South Korean won also weakened sharply. The ruffles in the financial markets indicated that investors, already shaken by financial trouble in the euro zone, were seriously monitoring the current phase of tension-raising on the divided Korean Peninsula. The exile group said it learned of the order from sources inside the North. “We do not hope for war but if South Korea, with the U.S. and Japan on its back, tries to attack us, it’s Chairman Kim Jong-il’s order to finish the task of unifying the fatherland, which was left undone” during the Korean War, the group quoted the instruction as saying.

It said the North Korean authorities were also mobilizing outdoor rallies of reserve soldiers under the slogan of “Retaliation for retaliation! All-out war for all-out war!” Those mobilized were ordered to wear their military uniforms. With Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton calling the Korea situation “highly precarious,” the Pentagon and South Korea announced they would soon conduct joint naval exercises, including antisubmarine drills in the Yellow Sea. On Monday evening, South Korea resumed its “Voice of Freedom” radio broadcasts directed at the North Korean people. It broadcast a South Korean pop song by a girl band, boasted the South’s economic prosperity and belittled the North Korean government for failing to feed its people.

Soldiers were also rebuilding loudspeaker systems along the border to bombard the front-line North Korean soldiers and villages with the same broadcasts. On Monday, the North warned that it might shell those tools of “psychological war.” On Tuesday it said it was launching an unspecified “counterattack.”

roll call.

where's all the bloggggers at?

cooler than cool.

dee-dee is clearly on some H at about 2:20...

"I've been missing, listing some parts
I've been falling, calling it art"

"Trying to make some kinda sense out of it
Throw it away-throw it away"

dope on plastic!

no wack-ass hip-hop loser can convince me drake is nice. he's not. neither is anything without cuts! i'm starting to sound like an old-timer but the shit i bumped in highschool is still dope as fuk...

(a side note, nothing is wacker than eminem. he's the fucking worst. my god. that asshole singing is like fingernails on a chalkboard. let the dj do the talking...)

Monday, May 24, 2010

the mummies.

this looks like fun.

stupid politics.

meanwhile in norfolk, virginia...

"Oakwood Elementary's principal was placed on administrative leave Friday as school officials investigated why life like, 4-inch-long plastic fetus dolls were given to dozens of third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students.

On Thursday, the school staffer thought to be responsible for handing out the dolls was placed on leave."

whole story here

and a dose of glenn beck...

"Roosevelt...Am I wrong by saying there was a good portion of people that thought, "Holy cow, I'm glad he's dead. He was turning into a dictator." - 5/21/10

Saturday, May 22, 2010

thumbs up, thumbs down.

In the local paper of the town 'snipe and I grew up in there contains an avenue of dialogue for both the timid and the boisterous. The venue is known as 'Thumbs up or Thumbs down?'. A typical thumbs up might be some schmuck-parent praising his/her shitty kid for getting good grades. A typical thumbs down is some shmuck-parent complaining about his/her shitty kid's playing time in a recreational/school sport. For whatever reason, (nostalgia, homesickness), I enjoy reading the "paper" online from time to time. And, for whatever reason, this months thumbs up/down were hilarious. The editor must've loosened up because I never remember them being this good...

this one made me laugh the most:

"Thumbs Down: Who's the Mook driving around with the 'Brooklyn' vanity plate? Do you realize you live in New England, proud home of the Sox and Pats? Geesh, talk about a turd in a punch bowl...I bet you're the guy I see at Market Basket with the Yankees hat on. Go back to the Jersey Shores with the rest of those Choochs."

if interested, read the whole stink rag here!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just wanted to remind everyone of the most shameful post by the fairweatheriest member of the PI family.

Who sucks now smokestack?
Also not too impressed by you trying to point out embarassing moments for celtics players, but haters will hate.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celtic Pride

LA Times -
The father of Boston Celtics guard Marquis Daniels was Tasered and arrested during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Orlando Magic at Amway Arena late Tuesday, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Orlando police arrested Willie L. Buie, 55, and charged him with resisting arrest with violence.

A spokesman for the Celtics told the Sentinel that he's in the process of getting information about the incident.

Police reports show officers responded to a disturbance in sections 106-107, the seating behind the basket around 10:55 p.m. EDT.

Officers tried to escort a man, later identified at Buie, from his seat, but the man refused.

It's unclear what prompted officers to remove Buie from the arena.

Monday, May 17, 2010

all hail cheez-its.

or a "former" booze-bag, cry-baby mormon. whatevs...

beck almost looks like a nun..

is she gay? or is she just a lesbian?

this is nauseating. and by nauseating i mean hilarious.


a true rocker.

cocksucker blues.

surprised i just heard about this. unreleased documentary based on the north-american 'exile on main street' tour. there's a whole bunch of sniffin' and suckin'. oh yeah.

here's my favorite of the "unreleased" tracks on the new exile re-issue:

lyrics are still pretty good for 2010 mick jagger...

"i fucked your woman for money but you plundered my soul"

you may have seen this but..

it's pretty epic.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule

So as you may or may not know Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! is done. or so they say. You can see the last episode here. Fortunately we now get the Steve Brule spin off, and here is a preview.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

if this song doesn't make you freak out drunk than i don't know what will...

oh poop. oh noodles. oh cheerios. that was a haiku.

Great I'll Bring My Guitar!

im gunna go hike at big sur tomorrow and throw a frisbee on the beach

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Extra Action Marching Band

On a blind whim I saw this band with Szolator the other night around the corner from my house. The show was a quadruple bill with everything from a bluegrass, punk, circus-freak prodigy band named Japanize Elephants to a nameless coked out thrash duo. The Extra Action Marching Band came on last and the venue devolved into a writhing pit of sex and beer. As the band's equipment was broke-down at the end of the night the band joined the crowd in an unamplified romp-pit. It was one of the best blindfolded shows I've seen. Man this city kicks fucking ass.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

les savy fav.

bridg and i saw these guys at the getty museam in l.a. the other night. the lead singer took my beer and poured it down my throat. he also took a hearty chug himself. even though the lost beer cost $10, the show still kicked a lot of ass.

Monday, May 10, 2010

You make the call: SCOTUS Edition

Young Pete from Pete and Pete

Or Elena Kagan

And because its the best theme song ever.

good game rondo.

way to hit side-show bob right in the baby-maker. well played sir.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Ice Coast Kills SHit!

The kid who put this trailer together and a couple of the shredders were over my house for dinner last night. They spent their season ripping a mountain called Hunter which is two hours north of New York City. I didn't see anything close to these antics going on in Tahoe. East(ice) coast represent!! Video premieres this summer somewhere in New York City and it sounds like as good of a reason as any to time an east coast visit. CELTICS.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010