Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Albany Bulb

Sick east bay bum spot. Apparently the park was built on a landfill that was used to dump the refuse of the 1989 earthquake. Rebar and concrete everywhere as well as bum settlements with stray dogs and crazies chasing each other with tree branches. We also found a homemade concrete shanty castle spot made out of salvaged materials from the landfill.

Friday, November 18, 2011

getting stoned.

god damn did i get high to this album when it dropped in high school..

get me drunk and i blow it.

such a sucker for random lo-fi b/s when liquored up..

turf war.

another one of these bands but i friggen like em..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Uhh....Mike Tyson as Herman Cain, no need to say more.


"No conventional music videos were initially released from Kid A, but 30-seconds-long short films called "blips" were set to its music. The blips were shown between segments on MTV, occasionally as TV commercials for the album, and were distributed free from Radiohead's website. Each blip was made by one of two collectives: The Vapour Brothers or Shynola. Most blips were animated, often inspired by Stanley Donwood's album artwork, and have been seen as stories of nature reclaiming civilisation from uncontrollable biotechnology and consumerism."


vintage mike rheault, legendary new hampshire skateboarder killing it.

how did he not explode?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

expensive ass propaganda.

wow. the production values on this fucking bullshit are high. why are the rich creeps behind this vid even bothering?

the most edited verse in hip hop history.

atta boy juelz...

after hating cam and dipset for most of my life i'm suddenly loving them...

lord finesse and percee p.

no question, my two favorite emcees..

ag holds it down through the middle as well..

holy fuck.

saw this earlier tonight. go see this movie. it will fuck with your mind for days.

Pedro Almodóvar is a genius.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cake–Short Skirt Long Jacket

Maybe one of the best videos I've seen. Not sure why I hadn't seen it.

steven tyler.

this a-hole claims he's from new hampshire. damn right:

"The veteran rocker, who has spoken openly about his drug and alcohol problems in the past, told NBC's "Today" show that he blacked out in an Asuncion hotel shower because he was suffering "Montezuma's revenge" not because he had fallen off the wagon."

hopefully stevey tyler, formerly a member of the toxic twins, can someday end up back in sunnape new hampshire where he can get black-out drunk and snort thrice-cut cocaine without tmz breathing down his neck.

live free or die.

black awesomeness.

friend of mine, fellow a.c. on friggen "baseball wives". kid is hilarious. good stuff.

politickin' with rick perry in the granite state.

there is nobody, repeat nobody, more of a disgusting political whore than rick perry.

matt taibbi wrote an excellent article on perry's sluttiness.

are you kidding me? although i applaud his nihilistic, drunken tendencies i hope he stays the hell out of my blessed state.

and who the fuck is that a-hole who claims "in new hampshire we call that liquid gold (maple syrup)" nobody has ever said that.

beijing smog.

there are times when i think l.a. is bad...

the politickin' is heatin' up boys..

holy shit. this is a straight up highlights magazine back-page.

i play the clip, you tell me what's wrong here.. wow.

the comedy always heats up during election years..

remix schmee-miix.

not sure how i missed this but i like it. makes you think how their album could've been better if it was all remixes...

stupid idiot from growing pains fails miserably.

kirk cameron sucks. thank god alan thicke turned out alright..

early tairey greene.

the year is 1999.

how in the friggen jim lahey was that pretty much 13 years ago? for shits sake..

rich fucks trick or treating.

enjoy your diamond studded, over-cooked yams, in-laws hating, black friday induced chrimbus you slimy 1%..

ows sketches.

oh art.

bill bragg.

merry fucking chrimbus part 2.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Fucking Chrimbus



So many pictures of Spaghett playing the part.