Friday, July 20, 2012

favorite music video ever?

strokes - hard to explain directed by roman coppola:

really love it. hard to think it came out in 2002. this video really made me think as lame as that sounds..
#goodpopmusic #stonedteen

los angeles.

latch key kids, the year most of us were born, so epic:


jammer in 2019

a teenage glue sniffer

fuck. my favorite song in 8th grade. so fukin awesome. turned me into the loser i am today..

atmosphere gets a bad rap...

i dont listen to slug much anymore but jeesh.. dude was once dope..

moving on..


taken from 'appleseed' arguably aesop's fist legit album. dope.

i would kill to film a doc about "underground" hip hop in the late 90s/early 00s... whos with me?

out with the new and in with the old..

when dropkick was good, ur fucking epic:

too old to work, too young to die!


the queers aka portsmouth's finest:

screaching weasel sucked way worse than this song...

30 seconds over tokyo, another epic boston punk buncha jerks.

#late90sbostonpunk #blowingit #alwaysquit

showcase showdown!

ducky boys!


boy did i miss the boat on this whole scene trying to be all

"i only spin vinyl"

and all you assholes backed it up to a t..

i'm still not sure how i feel about all this nonsense but i know it's happening..

hey, i tried and i'll still hammer home early 90s jams bitch..


thank you nas.

or thank you large professor baby...

ugh this shit is sickk. puking everywhere... thank you nas...


sounds like spoon.

the drums sound so spoons... still like em

Divine Fits, the new supergroup of Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs), Britt Daniel (Spoon), and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks) have announced their first live appearances. They'll take place in each band member's hometown: Austin (Daniel), Montreal (Boeckner), and Columbus (Brown). They'll also play Treasure Island in San Francisco in October.

ganked from bitchfork. i still like the song though..

their other track which is way different:

third wheel.

i remember loving this sketch in fitz's first epic apartment. i think this was kyles sisters' dvd... could be wrong.

why i love l.a. (even though i'm barely there and this happened twenty years ago..)

whoa! yeah!

toast house life!

"always heading for... mass suicide..."

"but don't take those pills your boyfriend gave you, you're too wonderful to dieeee...."


creation vs. consumption friends. party intellectuals.



fav song like 3 weeks ago but its worth a post.

come on PI fam, wtf?! we're all traveling, living, learning and drinking! let's get the posting going again.



i have been dying at this for almost two weeks. a friend and i are filming our own in a few days, post to come...


"You're not gonna get me again.."


jammer's dream:

heil eatler!

truly pumped to see dark knight rises...

this nerd got kicked out of a micky-d's in france wearing these nerd-alerts: