Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jammin U.S.A Volume II - Couch surfing

Couch Request:

"All I need are some tasty waves and a cool buzz..."
AGE: 25
LOCATION: United States - New Hampshire - Portsmouth

ARRIVAL DATE: March 31, 9 pmish
ARRIVING VIA: Go-kart with sidecar

I just quite my job and am jamming my way to california with a skinny white NYC student/dirtbag/writer named nicodemus. Your house sounds like a wonderful place to rawk aout and catch some ZZZZZZZ. We are leaving tomorrow and spending our first night in Shittsburg, PA and then we plan to pep-pep on to Kantsit Sity, Misery. If you like telephones call me at 603-801-5393. If not I should be able to check my sites tomorrow night. Thanks!

-Smokestack Willy and Nicodemus

We received no reply from this request and a few others so were bookin a hotel tomorrow night in Kantsit Sity. I think we may have pushed our luck.

Elementary School Production: Scarface

Monday, March 29, 2010

jammin in the usa: vol I

after a trying prep day, the boys are set to get going tomorrow in the am. first stop pittsburgh. jimmy is probably a felon, hopefully we'll make it, not a far drive, just lookin to get the f out of that port town. we're mix of felons and dirt bags, searching for that big ol lake. more to come, keep us in your pep peps.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

hell yeah

vans x soxs =

want em so bad
they're only selling 12 pairs at some rando shop in boston.
fuck, you get a jersey too.

I'm interviewing MegaDeath tomorrow

I just randomly got this gig.

What should I ask them?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

'youre a bit of a nudnik...'

johnny rotten is kind of a dick
judge judy is definetly a bitch
and that guy got told he was a liar/pussy

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The greatest Itchy and Scratchy

The Simpsons’ Koyaanisqatsi parody – Koyaanis-scratchy: Death Out of Balance

Sorry for the lack of embed, if someone can figure it out please do. This clip is awesome, Koyaanisqatsi parody

"You were witty and I was drunk"

My friends were searching recent bars we've been to in the missed connection section of craigslist and found this. Oh, how a one night stand is never a one night stand...

between two ferns.

this bit never gets old..


the fall of 'toine.

great espn piece about the king of the wiggle.

say it ain't so 'toine.

i love the bit about how degenerate of a gambler jordan is...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


keith rickers - retiree enjoys nips. "feel the nip"

Some Old Pics

I know a lot of people have seen this one, but I thought It was prevalent due to the fact Janis is takin over the basement of the toast in a month or so.

Daft Punk Party Yellow house.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


word on the hard, internet streets is that ghost, rea, and meth have an album dropping going by 'wu massacre'. hope so...

i imagine it will get shelved for at least 2 years before the time is right... but it's right!! fuck punk rock with middle fingers like this..

the title 'worst fight scene' may get thrown around alot but this takes it..

the box tops....

the dude from the box top's died and blogs are firing off... why is this type of shit so hot right now? pysch rock?

damn right this is a great song when you're drunk as fuck but i'm still confused why the tight pants bunch have latched on...

i'm not questioning why this music is good just wondering why it's so trendy...

Friday, March 19, 2010

sonny and the sunsets.

from san-fran. these guys rule.

check my favorite song right now, "death cream", here!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Because I've always wanted to see David Liebe Hart in the Nude (Even if its only a cartoon)

The Al Qaeda Seven

Liz Cheney; attempting to undermine one of the fundamental rights in a free rule of law society; the right for legal representation regardless of the crime, all for the sake of a political cheap shot. Subsequently she denied that the video questions anyone's loyalty, despite the fact that it asks whose values these attorney's share, as Osama looms in the background.

Dad must be proud.

new gorillaz!

my favorite cut off an album that jumps high. track sounds like a combination of plug tunin', kix commercials, dub and dan the automator produced dr. octagon.

this track with lou reed walks a straight line as well. coincidence? perhaps...

you make the call part 'is this art' part duex.

odd faceborg picture of a chap guttersnipe and i used to know.

it could be more punk rock than we even know...

doubtful though..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

you make the call part 'this guy is a jerk'

this is "performance artist" todd pavlisko hammering a "homemade" nail through his foot. great.

i imagine his high def. copy of the hammering is going for thousands of dollars. great.

in my opinion, not only is this barely art but it's just lame. i stepped through a rusty nail in tom simard's backyard building a mini-ramp in 6th grade. pay me.

but, as always here on P.I.., we rely on our intelligent and studious readers to make the call:

so, art or no art?

media bullshit.

just some bullshit.

if only we could dream a little dream:

for some reason i was sure feldman would go before haim. glad i didn't bet on it...

Monday, March 8, 2010

shut up and jam.


mr. show:

date rape!

and on a final comedic note:

sarah silverman isn't funny. her show is lame and crappy. i don't find her funny or attractive there i said it.

double blog blogdown.

in an attempt of true blogmanship and or bromanship, this picture kicks butthole. fuck yah.

this was blogged in the blogosphere but i had to get my blog on...

fuck it. it's funny and i'm tired of explaining it to people. deal with it jerks.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A hot jam by fallen hip hop pioneer .

Robert Crafton III aka newcleus past away recently of stroke. I hate to the person that brings talent to light after a death, but after reading the Times article and listening to this track I feel some props are due.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

pigeon live.

we recently saw pigeon john at the liquor hole down the street. he seriously killed it. i'm not too high on the rappin/singing R and B/hip hop tip but shit was dope...

the other emcee on this track j-live, from nyc, is also dope:

braggin' writes fools!

not sure if anyone touches diverse in the 0's though:

maybe aesop...

Baby dies as parents raise virtual child online

A Korean couple let their baby starve to death while they were busy raising a virtual child online, police said. The couple, from Suwon in South Korea, would leave their three-month-old daughter home alone in their apartment while they spent up to 12 hours a day playing a Second-Life style3D fantasy game called Prius Online, The Sun newspaper reports. Police said the couple had become totally immersed in the online game and neglected their real lives, giving their daughter just a bottle of milk per day.

Father Kim Yoo-chul, 41, and 25-year-old mother Choi Mi-sun called paramedics when they arrived home from a stint in a net cafe to find their daughter dead In September last year. The couple first told police they had found their daughter dead when they woke in the morning, but suspicions were raised by the malnourished state the baby was found in "She appears to have starved to death because she was not fed for such a long period of time," a spokesman for Korea's national crime laboratory said after an autopsy was carried out.

The couple fled after the baby's funeral, but police tracked them down and charged them with child abuse and neglect on Tuesday. The parents told police they had not been to a net cafe in their five months on the run due to their "sense of guilt". South Korea, one of the most wired countries in the world, has a high rate of internet game participation among its population.


Damn. The ubiquity of PC bangs here is pretty astounding, and it does seem at times to be the only non-school work activity that many of my students partake in, but shit. Ridiculous.

new hampshire's finest!


god damn that was almost 10 years ago? still hot. mac lethal is a chump...

no time...

i just heard guru had a heart attack.. i hate not having a computer.... jazzmatazz volume one is a must have...

heard he went into a coma but is out and doin' ok.. who knows... 43 is a young heart attack.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A nice little doc on 70s and 80s Australian genre films and the first good doc I've seen from 09, although I haven't seen much.

ted bunning is a total jerk.

filibustering an 'unemployment extension bill' ted?

good for teddy he has a "senator's only" elevator to keep those 'gotcha' journalists at bay...

jay leno makes me want to vomit.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Celtics Suck

you may have already seen this but it's a must-post...

i would just dip that sonnabitch right into some delicious, high-fructose corn syrup based sauce and eat the living hell out of it. damn right.

hey, at least we know the meat is actually chicken...

new basquiat doc.


robby harden edited this one a bit ago. the trails are around mt. apache and fallen leaf lake.