Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last year it was NUMSKULL, this year its Dingbat. These kids know how to party, shred, bust balls, and name snowboard videos like nobody else. The trailer looks fuckin sick. peep it, even if your in it just for the slams. EAST Coast por vida. ICE COAST KILLS SHIT.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is me, this is how i am, this is a lifestyle

This video may be the best viral I've ever seen. Starts off great, only gets better

Saturday, June 25, 2011

from the vault

Coye and Chuck are up at Bunga as I type this. It's been way too long since I been up there.

Drizzle, Jess, and Fluff living the life of luxury.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

drunks of the world pt.1

never seen a stumbler quite like this before. somehow the Big Brother cameras caught this guy after he was thrown out of a theatre awards show. way to go bud

wrongemboyo's future license plate?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

buddy holly.

favorite holly album, the apartment tapes:


from the vault.

david liebe hart is a punk rocker.

bridg and i saw david liebe hart, famed puppeteer from tim and eric show, at a hippy festival in topanga canyon a couple weeks ago. we were shockingly impressed. the guy is a fucking punk rocker. he has an album from the mid 90's that is seriously legit.

his band was solid. this song david explained, "adam had told many times not to bring coffee in the car but i brought coffee in the car and spilled it and i wrote a song about it." then boom:

it was great because all these dumb hippies had no idea what to make of the genius happening except for a select, chosen few. the few being me and these shirtless teens who were selling bed-sheets and hush-hush steve-weisers out of their merch tent.

one teen exclaimed, "i dunno who this cat is but he super sounds like jello bro."

we have a few live vids and a portrait david drew of bridget for $3 that shall be posted soon.

between two ferns.

this better be a comedy..

the chimps will rise...

you make call pt. tween!!

i know, i know, the beiber/middle aged lesbian comparison has certainly been thrown around once or twice but this one seemed to get me:

Monday, June 6, 2011

harmony korine and die antwoord made a movie.

i actually liked it..

on a side note, tree of life by malick was an awesome film.

masters of the universe!

what an epic toy display. my bro and i had all these for good reason..

come on iggy..

you do not need to do doir ads at this stage of the game..

florence, alabama.

so i was in small town florence, alabama the past week for some big fashion event hosted by menswear big wig Billy Reid. there were all sorts of famous fashion fucks roaming around and this guy Billy threw an epic, drunken party.

luckily my line of work allows me to consume alchohol on the clock from time to time. there were tons of bands that performed but a few stuck out on me. one in particular was a solo performance by this guy, justin townes earle:

just some good, drug fueled folk.

another was a hip hop show by these guys g-side:

maybe i was double fisting bourbon and beer but their set was hype. dj scratching, three soul singers and no towel wavers screaming over every verse.

trill recognize trill.