Sunday, February 27, 2011

nick young

frame 3 at 14 seconds says it all. dirrrty.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

you make the call!!!

disheveled libya head momar ghadafi?

or ernest p. worrell's 'aunti nelda' character?

not the best you make the call but it gave me the excuse to line up that picture of ghadafi right next to jim varney's finest hour.

fat people.


i love me some disorderly government.

louis ck vs donald rumsfeld.

not sure how or why this happened but i'm pretty sure it's real...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I already miss perk. We Love You Perk. Ainge better figure this shit out.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ty segall - mrs.

SF native ty segall killin it with some stoney garage rock

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bahrain Fires on Peaceful Protesters

"Bahrain's ruling family has defied mounting international criticism by ordering the army to turn on its people for the first time since pro-reform demonstrations erupted five days ago. As protesters attempted to converge on Pearl Roundabout, a landmark in the capital Manama that has become the principal rallying point of the uprising, soldiers stationed in a nearby skyscraper opened fire. Since they took to the streets, Bahrain's protesters have come to expect violence and even death at the hands of the kingdom's security forces. At least five people were killed before yesterday's protests. But this was on a different scale of magnitude.

As they drew near, they were met first with tear gas and then with bursts of live ammunition. Many fled the first salvoes, scrambling down empty streets as the shots rang out behind them. As they ran, terror and disbelief flashed across their faces. One man shouted: "They are killing our people! They are killing our people." Cowering behind a wall, a woman wept, her body shaking in fear.

But many refused to run, initially at least, determined to defy the violence being visited upon them. Some held their hands in the air and shouted "Peaceful! Peaceful!". The shooting resumed. One man crumpled to the ground, blood pouring from his leg; nearby a second was also felled. A scream went up: "live ammunition!" As security forces then began to fire anti-air craft guns over their heads and the air filled with tear gas, the protesters' will finally broke."

Bahrain's neighbors have pledged support for the Bahrain royal family and these actions, including Saudi Arabia. These states include most of America's allies in the region, and their (Sunni) leaders fear that a peaceful democratic uprising in (70% Shiite) Bahrain would lead to a Bahrain aligned with (Shiite) Iran.


star slinger - mornin'

Sunday, February 20, 2011

City Livin'

There is a general inclination to think of cities as dirty pollution centers that contribute to environmental degradation and global warming. However, the most recent Freakonomics podcast with Edward Glaeser does a great job of explaining how cities are, in fact, the most green, nature-friendly type of human living environment. Per capita, the denser the city the less a person's carbon emission, due in part to less driving and smaller average home size. Further, the greater percentage of individuals living in dense urban areas, the less overall land that is required for development.

Glaeser goes on to discuss how the Federal government discourages city living (and thus green living) through home ownership subsidies, an extensive national highway system and a non-competitive public school system.

Why Cities Rock Podcast

Glaeser's Book

Friday, February 18, 2011

the singularity is real!

"More than 60 years ago, George Orwell wrote his famous book, "1984,'' which portrayed an onerous society dominated by mind control and constant surveillance.

Until last week, I wasn't convinced his prophecy would come true in America, not even with wiretapping at home and the abuse of prisoners abroad.

Now I am convinced. A game maker has defaced a shrine of my youth, the board game Monopoly. The world as I know it has ended.

Hasbro announced recently that it has come out with a new version of Monopoly for the video-game generation. It's a game controlled by a computer.

Instead of throwing dice and moving your marker -- mine was always the battleship -- you now cover the marker with your hand and the computer tells you how far to move.

Instead of handling money and forgetting to give your friend the right change, you cover a decal to buy property. You insert a bank card into a slot to check your balance.

In the new "Monopoly Live,'' the computer enforces the rules. If you land on a property and don't buy it, the little infrared tower auctions it for you."

read more!

New Radiohead Album

Buy it here. Unlike before, you can't choose your price, but at least Thom Yorke is still weird.

High Tech Rec

Technology will consume you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cleveland Stand Up

Cavaliers 104 Lakers 99

Evidence the singularity is near... and that robots could take my job

This robot will steal the jobs of lawyers, but I will be the king of those robots.

Ecuadorean Dwarfs Approaching The Singularity

A 32-year-old community leader and artist (and baller) who has the rare dwarfism condition, with his bride, 17.

"People living in remote villages in Ecuador have a mutation that some biologists say may throw light on human longevity and ways to increase it. The villagers are very small, generally less than three and a half feet tall, and have a rare condition known as Laron syndrome or Laron-type dwarfism. They are probably the descendants of conversos, Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal who were forced to convert to Christianity in the 1490s but were nonetheless persecuted in the Inquisition. They are also almost completely free of two age-related diseases, cancer and diabetes.

The Laron patients’ mutation means that their growth hormone receptor lacks the last eight units of its exterior region, so it cannot react to growth hormone. In normal children, growth hormone makes the cells of the liver churn out another hormone, called insulinlike growth factor, or IGF-1, and this hormone makes the children grow. This is where the physiology of the Laron patients links up with the longevity studies that researchers have been pursuing with laboratory animals. IGF-1 is part of an ancient signaling pathway that exists in the laboratory roundworm as well as in people. The gene that makes the receptor for IGF-1 in the roundworm is called DAF-2. And worms in which this gene is knocked out live twice as long as normal. The Laron patients have the equivalent defect — their cells make very little IGF-1, so very little IGF-1 signaling takes place, just as in the DAF-2-ablated worms. So the Laron patients might be expected to live much longer."

Full NYT Article

PI Singularity Blogs

Later on in the article it mentions a drug already on the market that lowers IGF-1. Apparently it is used to treat excessive bone growth, but researchers speculate that it could prolong life as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So sick live!

pictures i found on drizzles fb.


fitz is too modest to post this..

so i took the effing liberty of posting the shit out of this thing..

taken by the endlessly epic sean hurley.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


this is making the rounds fast. youtube is taking these off as fast as people are uploading em and this one's got good audio so listen while you can.

i can't get enough of this. i really can't.

bridget's translation is pretty accurate:
"we had a bery der derisen bite dets go hled terris chasen los chlovert hebetet"

the only explanation is paraphrasia, a condition people suffer following a stroke where they literally speak gibberish. i think she just blew it..

i haven't followed a story this closely since richard heene and his balloon boy and that says a lot...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

royal trux.

not the most uplifting tune but my fuck it's good..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

luv ya jammer and your lengthy foreskin..


this song is great to blare in some headphones. this vid is more comedy than drunk blasting though..

not even the biggest fan of these guys but i love this jam..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

40.7 million?

" A Pablo Picasso painting depicting his young lover Marie-Therese Walter has sold for 25.2 million pounds ($40.7 million) at a London auction.

Sotheby's says the 1932 painting, called "La Lecture," was bought by an anonymous buyer over the phone after some six minutes of heated contest among bidders.

The painting was expected to fetch up to 18 million pounds ($28.9 million). The picture's selling price Tuesday included a premium of 2.7 million pounds ($4.3 million).

It shows Walter, Picasso's mistress and model for several paintings, asleep in an armchair.

Walter was 17 when she met Picasso, and she later had a daughter, Maya, with the artist."

who in the hell was the anonymous buyer over the phone? yikes..

i wanna meet that dad.


oh college.

damn dirty teens.


king khan and the bbq:

bad band name. good song:

creepy on creepy.

a happy purchase.

shit i'm happy. my first ebay purchase looks to be a homerun. the guy claims the floppy's are the original disks loaded with old sounds and the others are his personal stash of drums and synths. stoked.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011