Saturday, February 28, 2009

i only wipe with extra soft, double ply...

the guardian:

"The tenderness of the delicate American buttock is causing more environmental devastation than the country's love of gas-guzzling cars, fast food or McMansions, according to green campaigners. At fault, they say, is the US public's insistence on extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply products when they use the bathroom.

"This is a product that we use for less than three seconds and the ecological consequences of manufacturing it from trees is enormous," said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defence Council.

"Future generations are going to look at the way we make toilet paper as one of the greatest excesses of our age. Making toilet paper from virgin wood is a lot worse than driving Hummers in terms of global warming pollution." Making toilet paper has a significant impact because of chemicals used in pulp manufacture and cutting down forests.

A campaign by Greenpeace seeks to raise consciousness among Americans about the environmental costs of their toilet habits and counter an aggressive new push by the paper industry giants to market so-called luxury brands.

More than 98% of the toilet roll sold in America comes from virgin forests, said Hershkowitz. In Europe and Latin America, up to 40% of toilet paper comes from recycled products. Greenpeace this week launched a cut-out-and-keep ecological ranking of toilet paper products."


the patriots just traded cassel and mike vrabel for a second round (34th) in this years draft? what the fuck? the chiefs also have the third overall pick in the upcomming draft...are cassel and vrabel not worth a top 5 pick?

the new chief's gm is scott peoli, former director of football operations for the pats. this trade stinks of something fishy..

Friday, February 27, 2009

tinted windows?

a "supergroup" comprised of Hanson's Taylor Hanson, former Smashing Pumpkin James Iha, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, and Fountains of Wayne bassist Adam Schlesinger?

i'm not posting this because it excited me or i liked the actual music...just found it odd..

Scrotum Piercing Baboons

LIKE many longtime couples, Carlie and Bob, independent animal rescue workers in upstate New York who have been together 21 years, have a difference of opinion about one big issue in their relationship. In their case, it is about a 7-year-old Hamadryas baboon named Higgins, who spends a good part of most evenings watching HDTV in his heated monkey house, often holding hands with Bob. Carlie thinks that it is time to ship Higgins to a baboon preserve, and Bob wants to keep him at home. “Here’s the bottom line,” Carlie says. “I only believe people should have pets that are domestic animals. Bob believes that everything is fair game. He would have a lion if I let him.”

Did Carlie say HDTV? “Yeah,” says Carlie. “I only got one at Christmas. Higgins has had one for about a year. He’s a TV fanatic. If you forget to turn it off, he’ll be sitting there at 3 in the morning. “His favorites are ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘Walker, Texas Ranger.’ ” Bob, who’s owned wild animals all his life, admits Higgins has not always been a model pet. When Higgins was 3, he slept with the couple, often awakening Bob in the morning by climbing to the bedroom rafters and dropping onto Bob’s stomach. On one occasion, they got in a wrestling match, and Higgins put one of his “steel-like fingernails” through Bob’s scrotum. Bob has considered moving him to a sanctuary, but “I’m just too attached to him,” he says. Bob — who agreed to be photographed but would speak only on the condition that his and Carlie’s last names and hometown not be published, for fear of harassment from “ill-informed bleeding hearts” — is not the only human who has lost his heart to an inappropriate primate.

Last week, the country was mesmerized by the story of Sandra Herold, a 70-year-old widow in Stamford, Conn., whose 14-year-old, 200-pound chimpanzee, Travis, horribly mauled a close friend of the owner, tearing off her face. Ms. Herold, whose daughter had died in a car accident, had developed a relationship with him that went far beyond the ordinary owner-pet dynamic. She referred to Travis as her son, spoke of sleeping and bathing with him when he was small, and, in an interview with Jeff Rossen on the “Today” show, showed off his drawings, which, like a parent, she kept on the refrigerator door.

Read The Full Article At the NYT


The primates are taking over.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

wow do i hate the hell out of glenn beck...

again. why does fox news allow this guy on air? i'm dumbfounded. he treats his opponent filled with nothing but facts like some beaster smoking dweeb. california is in an unknown world of hurt financially and this guy is offering a legitimate, honest solution to some of the problem...legalize it bitches! if some idiot in connecticut is allowed to house a killer chimp and treat it like a child, the justice system and stoners alike should be freed from the shackles of oppression...

tax the fuck out of the rich!

interesting op-ed:

"Now that thirty years of deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy have failed so spectacularly, creating an economic catastrophe in its wake, the American people are beginning to recognize conservative economic policy for what it is: a disastrous recipe for privatizing profits and socializing costs, and shifting the economic burden to the poor and middle class.

But with 46 states facing budget shortfalls it is clear that conservative orthodoxy is still alive and holding sway in too many statehouses. Too often, the emphasis isn't on change we can believe in -- but on the same old cutting of services that people need rather than raising taxes on the rich who have disproportionately benefited from fiscal policy over these many decades.

We certainly see this short-sighted and proven wrong approach being pushed in New York. The state is confronting a budget deficit of $15 billion, and Governor Paterson has proposed $9 billion of harsh cuts in education, healthcare and social services, and $5 billion in new taxes that would hit the struggling poor and middle-class the hardest -- making an already regressive tax system even more so.

If you asked most New Yorkers what income level qualifies for the highest tax bracket you would get a range of answers -- from $250,000 to $1 million to $5 million. In fact, an individual making just $20,000 pays the highest income tax rate of 6.85 percent. So a teacher -- perhaps one of thousands who would be laid off under Paterson's proposal -- currently pays the same rate as Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump and the hedge funders. Equally troubling, Paterson's proposed revenues would be generated through taxes and fees on items such as sodas, transportation, cable tv, college tuition … things that would hit the already struggling poor and working class the hardest.

Fortunately there is a great alternative proposal gaining momentum in the New York legislature and with constituents. Democratic Senator and Nation contributor Eric Schneiderman has introduced the Fair Share Tax Reform Act of 2009 which would raise $6 billion in new annual revenues by slightly increasing the taxes on the wealthiest 5 percent of New Yorkers."

click here! for more...


i know this is isn't life changing information but it still highlights my grumblings of the last few months...let's just tax the rich, stop waging war and cut the defense budget and we'll be out of this mess...

Lost City of Atlantis Found On Google Earth

Well, not really, but the thing in Mozambique is pretty cool.

Ever since Google introduced its virtual globetrotting software, Google Earth, a treasure trove of odd findings have been unearthed by browsers, including images of anthropomorphic landmasses and giant pink bunnies.

Can the mythical city of Atlantis, described by Greek philosopher Plato, be added to that list?

British aeronautical engineer Bernie Bamford sighted a mysterious grid of undersea lines while browsing through Google Earth’s new underwater search tool. The strange pattern was spotted off the western coast of Africa, apparently near one of the possible sites of the legendary island.

According to CNet, Google waved off claims that the bizarre pattern could be linked to the fabled sunken city, saying the criss-cross pattern of lines were remnants of sonar-equipped boats collecting data from the ocean floor.

“It’s true that many amazing discoveries have been made in Google Earth, including a pristine forest in Mozambique that is home to previously unknown species and the remains of an ancient Roman villa,” a statement from Google read. “In this case, however, what users are seeing is an artifact of the data collection process. Bathymetric (or sea floor terrain) data is often collected from boats using sonar to take measurements of the sea floor. The lines reflect the path of the boat as it gathers the data.”

Not everyone is buying Google’s explanation: Debates are raging on sites such as Digg and Facebook over the true identity of the watery discovery.


chimp versus navy seal

these chimps are trained killers.

i know this is late and most people have seen or heard about travis the chimp but this must be done.

oh man is this priceless...

"the chimp owner pulled up in a corvette with the chimp riding shotgun..."

and here's the 911 call in its entirety...

i feel bad that a women was mauled but the chimp was almost 300 pounds. what the hell did you expect??

the next drink you take at a bar, gather your closest friends and raise your glasses high "for travis."

The Death of Humanities?

One idea that elite universities like Yale, sprawling public systems like Wisconsin and smaller private colleges like Lewis and Clark have shared for generations is that a traditional liberal arts education is, by definition, not intended to prepare students for a specific vocation. Rather, the critical thinking, civic and historical knowledge and ethical reasoning that the humanities develop have a different purpose: They are prerequisites for personal growth and participation in a free democracy, regardless of career choice. But in this new era of lengthening unemployment lines and shrinking university endowments, questions about the importance of the humanities in a complex and technologically demanding world have taken on new urgency. Previous economic downturns have often led to decreased enrollment in the disciplines loosely grouped under the term “humanities” — which generally include languages, literature, the arts, history, cultural studies, philosophy and religion. Many in the field worry that in this current crisis those areas will be hit hardest.

Already scholars point to troubling signs. A December survey of 200 higher education institutions by The Chronicle of Higher Education and Moody’s Investors Services found that 5 percent have imposed a total hiring freeze, and an additional 43 percent have imposed a partial freeze. In the last three months at least two dozen colleges have canceled or postponed faculty searches in religion and philosophy, according to a job postings page on The Modern Language Association’s end-of-the-year job listings in English, literature and foreign languages dropped 21 percent for 2008-09 from the previous year, the biggest decline in 34 years. “Although people in humanities have always lamented the state of the field, they have never felt quite as much of a panic that their field is becoming irrelevant,” said Andrew Delbanco, the director of American studies at Columbia University.

As money tightens, the humanities may increasingly return to being what they were at the beginning of the last century, when only a minuscule portion of the population attended college: namely, the province of the wealthy. That may be unfortunate but inevitable, Mr. Kronman said. The essence of a humanities education — reading the great literary and philosophical works and coming “to grips with the question of what living is for” — may become “a great luxury that many cannot afford.”


Read Full Article


I'm not sure if things are quite as dire as the article makes them seem for humanities, if only because a Bachelors degree in general is becoming more and more equivalent to a high school degree a generation ago. Since many will have to go on to receive at least a Masters, your B.A. major should become progressively less relevant to any career opportunities you have. And since its relatively easy to go from a random, useless, liberal arts major to most professional degrees, I don't see why many won't continue to major in the Humanities before pursuing their more economically useful masters and doctorates.

Or maybe I'm just using the "critical thinking, civic and historical knowledge and ethical reasoning" I've developed over the past four years to justify to my self the fact that my Philosophy degree has left me a jobless bum in the short term.

If I Lost To The Clippers, I'd Be Drinking Too

LOS ANGELES -- Police say Boston Celtics guard Gabe Pruitt has been arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of drunken driving.

Officer April Harding says the 22-year-old Pruitt was pulled over in Hollywood shortly after 3 a.m. Thursday and later booked on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence.

The Celtics had lost 93-91 to the Los Angeles Clippers a few hours earlier. Harding says records showed that Pruitt had not yet posted his $5,000 bail.

Pruitt is from the Los Angeles area and played college basketball for Southern California.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That's My Better Ho

I hate to flood the blog with Marbury posts, but this video is priceless, so many great one liners. For the Celtics sake I hope he was on something during this interview.

Get Caught Up In LIfe

Some tidbits from ESPN on the Marbury/Celtics union, a couple of these are great.


As we embrace the notion of Stephon Marbury in Celtic Green, some reference points for your Marbury conversations:

* Ray Allen and Stephon Marbury were traded for each other on draft day 1996. Marbury was drafted fourth, by Milwaukee. Allen was drafted fifth, by Minnesota. The Timberwolves gave the Bucks a future first-round pick (it became Danny Fortson) to switch.
* Ray Allen played Jesus Shuttlesworth -- a point guard from Coney Island's Lincoln High, apparently modeled on Marbury -- in the Spike Lee movie "He Got Game."
* Stephon Marbury's early career was a fruitful partnership with Kevin Garnett in Minnesota. As youngsters they made the playoffs twice. Little did Marbury know those seasons would be among the highlights of his career.
* Marbury asked for, and received, a trade. He then became famous as a high-scoring loser in New Jersey (they headed for the Finals when he left in exchange for Jason Kidd), missed the fun in Phoenix (the magical D'Antoni and Nash era was born upon Marbury's departure), and New York (the team that has kindled hope by signing a mid-level free agent to play in his place).
* Despite his inability to win more than now and again, Stephon Marbury has always been able to produce. Knickerblogger's Mike K. writes: "As his career with the team comes nearer to its disappointing end, it's hard to remember that he was a productive scorer early on. He has the highest single season PER (21.9 in 2005) as well as the highest PER (18.4) during the KnickerBlogger era. His defense was mediocre and his contract was suffocating, had the two been reversed he would have been a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame."
* In 2002-03, his season in the sun, Stephon led Phoenix to the playoffs with a 44-38 record. As the successor to Jason Kidd and the predecessor to Steve Nash, Starbury scored more than 22 a game and was fourth in the league in assists. He was third-team All-NBA and an All-Star. In the Suns' first game of the postseason, Marbury banked in a 25-foot, buzzer-beating runner to upset San Antonio 96-95 in overtime, slowing down the Spurs on their march to the 2003 NBA title. Through it all, he earned rave reviews such as this one from Sports Illustrated: "a more mature Stephon Marbury has lifted Phoenix into playoff contention." With two years remaining on the Starchild's contract, Suns' GM Bryan Colangelo rewarded him with a four-year extension, giving the team a total obligation of more than $100 million for six seasons.
* One of the best basketball books ever written, "The Last Shot" by Darcy Frey, tells the true story of Marbury's Lincoln High School team. It paints Marbury as a complex, but not wholly likable, character.
* During this season when he has not worked, Stephon Marbury made an estimated $150,000 per day.
* Stephon Marbury convinced the nation he was more than a little crazy with this interview. And this is what it's like to talk religion with Marbury.
* Something to worry about: Earlier this year, when there was a lot of talk that Marbury might become a Celtic, Boston went into a slump. Some suggested the Marbury talk may have unsettled young Boston guard Rajon Rondo.
* "I said, 'Are you going to get in the truck?'" Marbury, in court, describing the words he used to lure a Knicks intern to have sex with him in his vehicle. Marbury's testimony created a sensation during Anucha Browne Sanders' harassment case against the Knicks.
* One of Danny Ainge's worst moves as a general manager was to give up a lottery pick (later parlayed into Brandon Roy) for Stephon Marbury's cousin, Sebastian Telfair. After mediocre play on the court, and the second gun incident of his career, the Celtics' owner Wyc Grousbeck declared Telfair would never wear green again, and he was traded to the Timberwolves not long after that.
* Howard Beck of The New York Times recounts a preseason exchange between Marbury and a player he'll compete with for minutes, Eddie House: "After Marbury drew a foul on Kendrick Perkins and hit two free throws, he turned and screamed at House, from midcourt: 'You're a bum!' When play returned to the Celtics' side of the court, House chirped, 'Don't worry about me. You better worry about Ray Allen,' whom Marbury was guarding. Marbury shot back, 'You're nothing!' then added, 'You're caught up in basketball. Get caught up in life.'"


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KG and Starbury Together Again?

Marc Spears reports:

With Stephon Marbury soon to become a free agent after receiving a buyout from the Knicks, the Celtics are now a front-runner to sign him once he clears waivers, according to an NBA source. Marbury has expressed interest in joining the Celtics. An NBA source said the Celtics are strongly interested signing the two-time All-Star and will likely offer a contract to him to fill their final vacant roster spot once he becomes a free agent. Boston filled its 14th roster spot by signing forward-center Mikki Moore today. Celtics president Danny Ainge said today that now with Moore signed, the team will now focus on signing a combo-guard or wing player.

The Herald, meanwhile, is reporting that Marbury is "very close" with the Celtics on a contract.

ESPN chimes in:

Said one source to "Look for Steph to get bought out today."

Another source close to the process indicated that Marbury and the Celtics have already commenced discussions on a contract.

Celtics Blog


While I definitely have some reservations about Marbury joining the Cs for obvious reasons, I still want them to make this move. Although I think Moore is a good pick up considering the situation, I don't see him being an impact player off the bench come playoff time, when the rotation shrinks down to 8 or 9 guys. And we need to make our bench stronger, Ainge purposefully didn't add anyone major during the offseason because he thought he could get someone better right now from a buyout. Marbury has that potential to be a game changer as a reserve, and if he acts up Doc can bench him.

Having a legitimate point guard off the bench allows Eddie to play 2 on offense, making him much more dangerous; Eddie is at his best as a catch and shoot guard, he's not nearly as effective creating his own shot. Marbury can still put up points, defensively its another story.

Premium, More like Creamium

You Make the Call Basketball Edition pt II

Chauncy Billups or a Pup.
A hint is the pup can probably make shots against the Cs

Wanna Laugh?

An emo op-ed about not getting tickets to see phish's reunion.


my favorite line might be: "They're the band that opened up an entire bag of tricks that had never been seen in the world of music."

So, what should we do with this him and tell him we'll sell him an extra ticket that doesn't exist...get his hopes up until the very last day before the show when he realizes it's a big lie?

matt taibbi reviews thomas friedman's latest book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded.

"it's the same old Friedman -- a tireless social scientist whose research methods mainly include lunching, reading road signs and watching people board airplanes."

click here!!! for more...

Hot, Flat, and Crowded? sounds like a bad porno..

alan keyes.

i had always envisioned keyes as just some loser; one who only rose to fame because he was such an easy parody on saturday night live. i was wrong. he's a big, fat, huge loser. when he wasn't busy losing presidential elections in 1996, 2000, and 2008, he was losing senatorial campaigns in 1988, 1992 and 2004. some reaganites just never go away...

plus he also talks like a muppet..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stiller is Phoenix

Further Development in the Phoenix hip hop trail? I bet Ben Stiller could rap fairly well.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Buy Something

A Kid's Review
if you buy something from the internet and your under 14 if you buy something and they come to your house to deliver the item that you bought at the internet and you orderd it and you dont have the money then you an not buy the item and your parents will have a conversation with you and you could get grounded like punished by your parents .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ex-Kearsarger Assults and Rapes an Elderly Couple

Police charged Gavin John Clevesy, 17, of 311 Milky Way Drive, with first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense, first-degree breaking and entering, first-degree kidnapping, assault with intent to kill and simple assault. He was being held in jail under a $2.5 million bond. Investigators said Clevesy was intoxicated when he left a party in the MacGregor Downs neighborhood shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday and began knocking on doors. A couple in their 60s was watching TV at their home on Edinburgh Drive when they heard the doorbell ring, according to the search warrant.

The husband, who is 67, went to the front door and unlocked the deadbolt, police said. Clevesy "immediately forced entry into the residence" and "assaulted (the husband) to a degree that (the husband) was disabled," according to the search warrant. Clevesy then assaulted the wife, who is 66, police said. He attempted to sexually assault the woman inside the house, but was unsuccessful, police said. The husband got up and attempted to defend his wife and himself, police said. The wife ran out of the house as Clevesy attacked the husband a second time in a "more violent nature," according to the search warrant.

Clevesy hit the man over the head with a statue, the warrant said. The wife fled the house but was unable to find help. Clevesy ran out after her, grabbed her and forcefully took her to a wooded area nearby, police said. "Clevesy forced (the wife) onto the ground in the wooded area," where he sexually assaulted and raped her, according to the warrant. Passers-by saw the assault taking place, stopped it and detained Clevesy until police could arrive, police said.

The husband and wife were treated at WakeMed and released. Clevesy's parents declined to comment Monday after their son's first court appearance. Clevesy pleaded guilty in March to communicating threats against a person in Cleveland County, according to court records. He was placed on probation for 18 months and was ordered to be assessed for anger management, to stay off Cleveland County school property and not to assault, threaten or harass a certain individual. He also was put on probation in June after being convicted of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia in Onslow County, according to state records. He has a conviction in Wake County for a hit-and-run accident that damaged property in May 2007.



Good lord. I only have the vaguest memories of this kid, but the family grew up in the town next to mine, and Dennis and I graduated with his older sister. Always seemed like nice people, I feel for the

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the roots will be jimmy fallon's house band on his late night show???

"The band is holed-up in a Manhattan studio, preparing for their new gig as the house band on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," the NBC show that will take Conan O'Brien's place when O'Brien moves to "The Tonight Show."

They're working long days to create 200 "sandwiches" or "beds" — the intro and outros that will buffer each segment on the show."


"But the job is already more than the Roots bargained for. NBC isn't paying for publishing rights — not even for the Roots own material — so the band is left having to create a new TV-ready repertoire.

"It's going to be a major challenge," said ?uestlove. "Right now, we're writing about 25 a day. I'm surprised we're not running on fumes."


this surprised me. jimmy fallon sucks. i know the economy is tanking but jeese...


Hacksaw Jim Chuggins or Eric Wareheim? The world may never know...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blackout Crew - Put A Donk On It

Sometimes songs are so hilarious that I can't stop listening to them. This song is one of those. According to Vice the genre of Donk is huge for teens in Northern England. This song also provides a great new catch phrase.

Huge High School Basketball Brawl

Get Yourself (Mom & Dad) a $4000 tax credit

I was going through details on the stimulus bill and found this.


Higher Education Tuition Deduction. The new law extends through December 31, 2009, the above-the-line higher education tuition deduction. The deduction allows eligible taxpayers to deduct the costs of qualified higher education expenses paid during the year for themselves, a spouse, or a dependent.

The deduction continues to be barred to taxpayers whose filing status is married filing separately, or if another person can claim an exemption for the taxpayer as a dependent on his or her tax return.

The maximum deductible amount is $4,000 for taxpayers with adjusted gross income not exceeding $65,000 ($130,000 for joint filers). Taxpayers whose income exceeds that limit but does not exceed $80,000 ($160,000 for joint filers) may deduct up to $2,000 in qualified expenses. For many taxpayers, the HOPE or Lifetime Learning credit is also an option.


NYT also has an article

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chris Bosh or Snoop Dogg: You make the call post allstar weekend edition

Snoop Dogg or Raptors Chris Bosh

Tony Allen out till at least playoffs

Our injury prone 6th man is getting surgery on his thumb and will be out till the playoff. This will give my man Gabe Pruitt some extra minutes, but could is painful for the celtics bench.
Celtics president Danny Ainge said that guard Tony Allen is slated to have left thumb surgery tomorrow and he is hopeful he wil return to action by the playoffs. The injury-plagued Allen suffered the injury on Feb. 8 versus San Antonio and has already missed 15 games this season to ankle and thumb injuries. Allen is averaging 7.8 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.21 steals in 19.1 minutes per game. The 6-foot-4, 213-pounder's injury opens the door for more playing time for guard Gabe Pruitt.
"I hope he's ready for the playoffs," Ainge said.

Lupe Spring Climax

SCOPE could have done worse. The fact that its in the field house should make it a better show, and a decent warm up for Cinco de 'Stache,


Minutemen "This Ain't No Pinic"

this is a pretty obvious "go fuck yourself because you fucking suck"


contrary to public opinion, mike gordon can get punched in the face by anyone ever associated with rancid..

(aside from the child-molestation accusation, i'm sure gordon is a fine bassist. i just hate phish. please, mock me and tell me i'm a snob in the comments section...)

Bouncing Souls - Lamar Vannoy

"he drinks till he falls down, ohhhhhhh..."


woah. fo' real. coolest video ever.


Neil Young - Heart Of Gold

this whole thing is a huge middle finger to all of us...

i got sent to the principals office for hiding this album behind a clementine "football" in my desk in 5th grade...

Bad Religion- Fuck Armaggedon this is Hell.

sophmore year of college playing beirut in a hallway.

although i still kind of like this song i'm glad these guys turned out "suck". electro-clash = fail. probably because of how gay it was. no offense to people who are actually gay but even they could admit that that shit was pretty gay...

Antony & the Johnsons - Shake That Devil

i was delivering a bag of fried food to some fat shithead and was pleasantly surprised to hear this song played in the middle of an interview with antony with NPR. i think the delivery was two large cheese pizzas with a side order of spicy french fries to cold springs resort. imagine that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"His Airness"

Finals MVP award now named after Bill Russell

Bill Russell was never an NBA Finals MVP. Now the award is named after him. Starting this year, the Finals MVP will receive the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, commissioner David Stern announced Saturday. "This is one of my proudest moments in basketball, because I determined early in my career, the only important statistic in basketball is the final score," Russell said.

Russell's wife, Marilyn, recently died of cancer, and he was visibly moved as he accepted the honor. "This is a bittersweet award," Russell said. "I just lost my special person. But I wanted to thank my teammates because we played a team game quite well. I accept this for my team, and my team included our coach, Red Auerbach, and all my teammates over the years. This is quite flattering." Russell, a cornerstone of Boston's NBA dynasty in the 1960s, was a five-time NBA MVP and won 11 championships as a player and coach. But he never won the Finals MVP award.

The NBA first named a Finals MVP in 1969, after the series between Russell's Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Celtics won the title but Los Angeles' Jerry West won the MVP trophy -- the first and only time the award has gone to a member of the losing team. "Who better to name this prestigious award for than one of the greatest players of all time and the ultimate champion," Stern said. The award, presented at the end of the Finals, is voted by writers and broadcasters covering the series. "What I'm going to do next week is visit my father's grave, because he was my hero," Russell said. "And I'm going to share that with him."


Kind of odd, but I guess I'm happy to see it. Let's hope a Celtic is the first to win this.

Dunk Contest

Here It is... Nate Robinson Trumps Dwight Howard by jumping over him. Despite the Dwight Howard conspiracy in the first round (two undeserved 50s) Robinson puts him back in his place with this dunk.

Makes me think that the consipiracy was just to get Dwight Howard to the second round so lil Nate could pull that gem off.

Here's Dwight's Dunk...12 foot.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kid on DRUGS

Thursday, February 12, 2009

joaquin phoenix on letterman

joaquin phoenix who has "quit acting" to pursue a career in hip-hop made an appearance on letterman last night to promote his new movie "two lovers." Either he didn't want to be there, was stoned out of his mind, or something else was going on because this complete akwardness is what ensued:

pretty strange huh? what's stranger is that supposedly joaquin is currently filming a documentary with casey affleck about quitting acting and pursuing a career in hip-hop. so i guess it's possible that he was just pulling a borat last night, except way less funny. it's a pretty interesting concept --- that if your such a good actor, you can go about your daily life being anyone you want and people, like letterman, will take you seriously. And if your talented enough, pay you money. i guess that's cool, he wants to be a hip-hopper for a little while, and when hes done he'll have the documentary for people to buy.

but after seeing this horrible rapping display, it makes me think this hip-hop thing is a big shitty joke:

young turks debate it here. I guess it's always possible that he has gone completely insane.

inglorius bastards.

this is the trailer for the new tarantino flick starring pitt, the temp from the office, the guy who directed hostel and mike myers? no, not the mike myers that tried to murder jamie lee curtis in 1979-i'm talking about the asshole who recently blessed the world with "the love guru."

Cops on Witch Hunt for Michael Phelps

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Police in the South Carolina county where Michael Phelps was photographed smoking from a marijuana pipe have been arresting people as they seek to make a case against the superstar swimmer, lawyers for two arrested people said Thursday. Attorneys Joseph McCulloch and Dick Harpootlian told The Associated Press they each represent a client charged with possession of marijuana who were questioned about the party Phelps attended near the University of South Carolina campus in November. The lawyers said the two clients were renters at the house where the party apparently took place, although they were not at the party. The two have since moved and were arrested after police executed a search warrant at their new home and accused them of having a small amount of marijuana there.

''After they arrested him, they didn't ask him, 'Where did you get the marijuana?' or 'Who sold it to you?' Almost all the questions they asked him were about Michael Phelps,'' Harpootlian said.

The lawyers would not name their clients, who each face up to 30 days in jail and a $200 fine if convicted on the pending charges. The Richland County Sheriff's Office would not comment on the lawyers' remarks. ''As soon as we're ready to release information on this case we will and we're still in the middle of this investigation,'' said Lt. Chris Cowan. After the photo was published Feb. 1, Sheriff Leon Lott said his office would investigate and possibly charge Phelps, though officials have not specified what the offense might be.

Phelps, 23, and his representatives have not disputed the photo's accuracy. Phelps has issued a public apology, acknowledging ''regrettable'' behavior and ''bad judgment'' after the photo appeared. USA Swimming has suspended Phelps for three months and the Kellogg Co. has cut ties with him, although other sponsors are sticking with the swimmer. The lawyers said their clients were not at the party. McCulloch, who said his client was out of town at the time, doubted that anything they told police would assist them in the case against Phelps ''Our clients answered questions but I don't know that their information would be helpful to law enforcement,'' McCulloch said. ''It seems to me that Richland County has a host of its own crime problems much more serious than a kid featured in a photograph with a bong in his hand.''

On a ''Good Morning America'' broadcast Thursday, McCulloch characterized the arrests as ''a fascination, if not an effort, to destroy a public hero.'' Lott has said Phelps should not get a break because of his fame. Harpootlian told The Associated Press that he believes police are being overzealous. ''I find it amazing the justification is they don't want to treat him any differently just because he is a celebrity, and he is being treated far differently than any other Joe Blow who might have smoked marijuana four or five months ago.''



Give the guy a break, what a complete waste of time and money.

Since we all can use suggestions for romance with Valentine's day approaching

Here's some romance advice from our favorite romancer, Delonte West. Take note diarrhea.

Delonte: "I did a few romantic things in my day, but I'm not the world's most romantic guy. But I can tell you what I would consider a special night. First, at my lady's work, I would send her a card giving her instructions for the night. Send it to her about midday, so the rest of the day, she has time to think about exactly what I had planned. I would pick my date up. She wouldn't know where we were going. It's got to be a hot day, so I can drop the top in my SL [Mercedes]. I've got the white SL 500. I would tell her, she would have to wear white. She must have on a white dress, because I'm going to have on white. I'd have told her in the note, she has to wear her hair a certain way, just the way I like it. So, I pick her up in my white convertible. From there, I'd have the music pumping on the radio. The Jim Jones pumping, you know, 'Summer in Miami' song pumping. Got to keep a little gangsta, you can't be too soft. You can't be in there playing some guy that's crying, talking about don't leave me and love me baby, wah wah and all that. So Jim Jones pumping and then from there, wind blowing through the hair, boom, we get straight to the point -- we eat afterwards because I don't want to kiss no onions. I don't want to kiss you tasting like onions and steak and mushrooms and everything."

Full Link Here:

epic-est story ever.

"CLEARWATER, Fla. – Authorities said a transient man convinced a woman that he was the drummer for the rock band Foreigner, stole her Corvette and then crashed it. Police said a 48-year-old man befriended the woman at a Tampa hotel, claiming to be Cory James, the drummer for Foreigner.

The band has had more than a half dozen drummers over the years, none of whom were named Cory James.

The two met up later at the Clearwater Hilton, where police said the man conned the valet into giving him the woman's 2002 Chevrolet Corvette without her knowledge or consent. He crashed a short time later and ran off, and police say they used a dog to track him down.

The man faces multiple charges, including grand theft auto. He was being held on $27,900 bail."

Foreigner - Foreigner Pictures, Images and Photos

in honor of tim and eric season 3!

i figured i would go ahead an post this because i figured that everyone would start calling me "diarrhea jones" anyways..

also, in eighth grade, while attending soccer practice at ben brewster's fields for our dominant team, nashua world cup, i realized that the two litchfield middle school hotdogs i had eaten earlier were ready to make their encore. long story short i popped into the woods, pooped, got a bit on my sock or something and fitz and zak proceeded to tell everyone in school i pooped my pants. so, call me "diarrhea jones" if you must but for the record, i didn't poop my pants, i just got some poop on my pants while pooping...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Public Acceptance of Evolution

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IT IS 150 years since the publication of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which suggested that all living things are related and that everything is ultimately descended from a single common ancestor. This has troubled many, including Darwin himself, as it subverted ideas of divine intervention. It is not surprising that the countries least accepting of evolution today tend to be the most devout. In the most recent international survey available, only Turkey is less accepting of the theory than America. Iceland and Denmark are Darwin's most ardent adherents. Indeed America has become only slightly more accepting of Darwin's theory in recent years. In 2008 14% of people polled by Gallup agreed that “man evolved over millions of years”, up from 9% in 1982.


did anyone in the department of defense actually watch terminator 2?

"US Military 50 Percent Robotic By 2015

The US military will be half machine and half human by 2015, a military expert told an audience on Wednesday.

Speaking before a group at the Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) conference, military expert Peter Singer said the implementation of robot soldiers was near.

"We are at a point of revolution in war, like the invention of the atomic bomb," Singer said.

"What does it mean to go to war with US soldiers whose hardware is made in China and whose software is made in India?"

The US military has already made great strides in unmanning the battlefield. The US uses attack drones and bomb-handling robots, and custom war video games have been used as recruiting tools.

But the introduction of compassionless robots to the battlefield is strangely similar to terrorism, said Singer.

"You don't have to convince robots they are going to get 72 virgins when they die to get them to blow themselves up," Singer said.

Singer also referred to so-called “war porn” – videos captured by robots on the battlefield that gets distributed on the Internet.

"It turns war into entertainment, sometimes set to music," Singer said. "The ability to watch more but experience less."

David Hanson creates robots with human features in hopes to achieve more “empathy.”

"The goal here is not just to achieve sentience, but empathy," Hanson said.

"As machines are more capable of killing, implanting empathy could be the seeds of hope for our future."

here's a cute one:



screw global warming. i think stopping these killer robots could be our generation's true calling.

i'm on a boat ft. t-pain

you may have already seen this but i had not and found it pretty funny...i think it was from snl..

here is the youtube link. embedding was disabled or sumfin..

if you're in the mood to laugh at bill o'reilly...


skip to 1:25 if you're in a hurry. the shithead in question here is "republican strategist" alex castellanos. look at that cock-sweep above his mouth. i wonder if he can even smell? this isn't an exceptionally stunning clip but i just don't get how this orange faced, purple tie wearing monster gets paid to talk straight gibberish on cnn. instead of reading krugman's quote why not have krugman on the damn show. and limbaugh and co. used to call cnn the "clinton news network"...

here's another gem from the same jerk:


i think he may even have a fake eye..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"snorting like a bull"

Joe Torre's got a new book out called The Yankee Years co-written by Tom Verducci. Might be worth a read, considering the couple of chucklers I've heard already. Apparently, Torre reveals that A-Rod's nickname in the clubhouse was "A-Fraud" which is especially funny given the recent news about him testing positive for 'roids. But, nothing could possibly top what former Yankees trainer Steve Donahue reveals about Roger Clemens' pregame rituals. First, according to Donahue, Clemens would take a whirlpool bath at the hottest possible temperature...

“He’d come out looking like a lobster,” Donahue said.

Then Donahue would rub the hottest possible liniment on his testicles.

“He’d start snorting like a bull,” the trainer said. “That’s when he was ready to pitch.”


and in an unrelated story:

How did Bush get $700 billion no strings attatched?

What the centrists have wrought

I’m still working on the numbers, but I’ve gotten a fair number of requests for comment on the Senate version of the stimulus.

The short answer: to appease the centrists, a plan that was already too small and too focused on ineffective tax cuts has been made significantly smaller, and even more focused on tax cuts.

According to the CBO’s estimates, we’re facing an output shortfall of almost 14% of GDP over the next two years, or around $2 trillion. Others, such as Goldman Sachs, are even more pessimistic. So the original $800 billion plan was too small, especially because a substantial share consisted of tax cuts that probably would have added little to demand. The plan should have been at least 50% larger.

Now the centrists have shaved off $86 billion in spending — much of it among the most effective and most needed parts of the plan. In particular, aid to state governments, which are in desperate straits, is both fast — because it prevents spending cuts rather than having to start up new projects — and effective, because it would in fact be spent; plus state and local governments are cutting back on essentials, so the social value of this spending would be high. But in the name of mighty centrism, $40 billion of that aid has been cut out.

My first cut says that the changes to the Senate bill will ensure that we have at least 600,000 fewer Americans employed over the next two years.

The real question now is whether Obama will be able to come back for more once it’s clear that the plan is way inadequate. My guess is no. This is really, really bad.

I couldn't agree with Krugman more. Everything I hear regarding compromises to stimulus sound like they are ruining the nature of the bill. More tax cuts, less essential programs. The fact is, the democrats only need 1 fucking republican to vote for this...and they shouldn't have to bend over and destroy the stimulus bill in order for this to pass.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

bill hicks' last performance.

i guess this was a monologue that hicks did for the dave letterman show but letterman's crew thought it was too taboo. i just think it's funny as hell..hicks died a few months after this performance of pancreatic sucks, you can see him grabbing and massaging his side-stomach where the pan was..

someone should fucking punch this mormon creep directly in the nose.

glenn beck warning that al gore is aspiring to create a new hitler youth? it must be true. beck is a recovering drug addict/late-life convert to the LDS (mormons). he started out hosting a shitty radio show, then he was on cnn, and now he's on fox...

talk about going out on a limb on this one...he took like three sentences from gore and somehow made the age-old, "conservative comparision to hitler." teaching kids that humans are actively aiding the deterioration of earth? sounds like the same brainwashing tactics the nazi's used to me...


oh, by the way, News Corp. posted a $8.4 billion loss!!

"News Corp. announced a net loss of $6.4 billion in the final quarter of the year, the company's second fiscal quarter, as it wrote down the value of its TV operations, newspapers and information services to the tune of $8.4 billion.

Commenting on the results company Chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch, said the results were a “direct reflection of the grim economic climate.” He said the downturn had been more severe than expected and would likely last longer than predicted. The company would continue its efforts to cut costs across the business."

A-Rod uses Roids

The New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003, the year he won both the American League home run title and Most Valuable Player award when playing for the Texas Rangers, two people with knowledge of the results said on Saturday.

According to Sports Illustrated, which first reported the positive test results on its Web site on Saturday, the 33-year-old Rodriguez was among 104 players on a list who tested positive for performance-enhancing substances — in his case for testosterone and an anabolic steroid known by the brand name Primobolan.



Thursday, February 5, 2009

you make the call! pt. 2


krang Pictures, Images and Photos

or cheney?

Cheney Pictures, Images and Photos

Dick Cheney in wheelchair Pictures, Images and Photos

happy anniversary!

that colin sure knew how to spew out shit. talk about failing...

if anytime in your life you fuck up royally, you can always sleep a little easier knowing it could never compare to powell's speech...

Most Frightening Mugshot

Stole this one from the Celtics blog.

Not Exactly sure what it has to do with the Celtics, but rather entertaining.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"We're Learning to Live With Somebody's Depression..."

Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned that there is a “high probability” that terrorists will attempt a catastrophic nuclear or biological attack in coming years, and said he fears the Obama administration’s policies will make it more likely the attempt will succeed.

Full Article Here
Just have a heart-attack and die...please! Unfortunately Cheney is evil enough that I'm a little bit worried when he does something like fucking predicts a terrorist attack. It could be political games, trying to simply frighten people of Obama's policies, but Dick scares me. In the word's of David Bowie, "I don't want to live with somebody's depression..."
Michael: My father is no different that any powerful man, any man with power, like a President or Senator.

Kaye: Do you know naive that sounds Michael? Presidents and senators don't have men killed.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"he's both dude. he's innocent and not guilty..."

i'll bet oj would stab this guy in a heartbeat...



holy sheeit..

batman freaks out on the termnator set!!

Dennis and Callahan really beat the latest Christian Bale freakout to death on WEEI this morning. Apparently a cinematographer walked through the set when they were trying to film a scene:

hahahahahahahaha! This is pure gold. "For fucks sake man your amateur." Can't wait for the remix.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

There's a World Going on Underground

Police in Paris have discovered a fully equipped cinema-cum-restaurant in a large and previously uncharted cavern underneath the capital's chic 16th arrondissement.

Officers admit they are at a loss to know who built or used one of Paris's most intriguing recent discoveries.


I found this article google searching how to get into the secret catacombs of Paris. I've been trying for months to get into these and have a couple Parisians on it. Anyways, I'll report back if I ever do. Apparently, there are ridiculous parties there on the weekends. However, I also met someone who got lost down there for three days and someone else who told me rival gangs live in certain parts of the catacombs. Regardless...I gotsta get down there.